NBA Daily Message Card 01/01

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NBA Daily Message Card 01/01


NBA results:

NBA 2006-07: +94.62 units
NBA 2007-08: +144.07 units
NBA 2008-09: +22.77 units
NBA 2009-10: +98.36 units

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD:  (+42.25 units)

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD 1-2-3 MM:  (+11.18 units)

Ranked #1 NBA at Sports-Watch of LV

Ranked #2 NBA in Net Wins at The Sports Monitor of OK

NBA Yesterday's recap:

3 units on CHICAGO (-10)   LOSS

3 units on INDIANA (-6)  WIN

3 units on UNDER WAS/IND 196   WIN

3 units on OVER GSW/CHA 205.5   LOSS

3 units on HOUSTON (-9)   PUSH

3 units on OVER ATL/OKC 195.5   WIN

3 units on UNDER DET/PHX 209.5   WIN

Daily Message:

After a span of 3 consecutive losing days, yesterday we were able to finish the year in a high note. We went 2-2 in our early plays but the night card provided us a nice 2-0-1 night. After a terrible month of November we were able to perform a furious bounce back in December and finished the year with +42.25 units of profit (+11.18un using a 1-2-3* MM). As a note, last season we finished the year (2009) with -13.04 units and still we end the season with almost 100 units of profit. So this season despite all the ups and downs, we are way ahead in our goal when compared to the last season. This is all about hard work, discipline and mental toughness. A brief note also to say that we've won our first Tennis Play of the season!

For today we have a card of 8 games to work. I've already released a Top Play for today - Double Dime Play! I'm working on the rest of the card right now, so the next update will be released soon, thanks.

Injury report: Josh Howard and Kirk Hinrich are questionable; Andy Varejao is out; Mo Williams and Daniel Gibson are questionable; Jordan Farmar and Troy Murphy are out; Carmelo Anthony is probable; Nene Hilario and Kenyon Martin are questionable; C.J. Miles, Okur and Kirilenko are questionable; Dirk Nowitzki is questionable and finally Drew Gooden is questionable;



NBA - 501 New Orleans Hornets @ 502 Washington Wizards


Projected line: 182 points

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on
501/502 Under 187 @ -110 / 1.91 on The Greek

NBA - 503 Cleveland Cavaliers @ 504 Chicago Bulls


Projected line: Chicago by 17 points

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on
504 Chicago Bulls (-13) @ -110 / 1.91 on The Greek

  • 2007-2008 was a decent year, with good volume and a nice ROI.

    2008-2009 was quite different, but I believe Andre' has learnt from his mistakes as the results from the following season show, thanks to a post-mortem profound analysis.

    This season so far has seen some very unlikely stuff, as November was a very bad month and December saw almost 100 units of profit using a 3-4-5 units rating...

    Lets hope that Andre' Gomes at least, manages to repeat last season performance, so far the results are quite promising. You'll experiment a lot of downs, but also some very nice ups, thanks to Binomial Distribution. Cool

  • much does a full day of NBA picks go for these days? Does it vary depending on the # of NBA games that are being played on a given day?

    I'm reasonably comfortable with today's card (and would like to think we would prob agree on most games: i.e. the Bulls today b4 I saw ur freebie pick). But once or twice a week I feel like its slightly more of a guessing game 4me, where I tend to waver back and forth, but still want in on the action

    ...also gonna tag along for the UNDER (NO/Wash). Thanks again

  • Thanks Hags58 (Y)

  • Thanks for the free picks Dre, GL tonight

  • Thanks Taylor,

    I've tweaked my handicapping fundamentals two years ago in the NBA. Basically in the first two years I was a kind of low volume player (successful as you can see from the results), in that process there were tons (and I mean tons) of missed (leans) plays that in the end it would have been winning plays.

    There is a buddy of mine in here (Dunadan) that can confirm this, it was unbelievable! After some research and some hard work, I was able to put a new method that fits better in my skills.

    The last few days have been weird with a lot of close calls for both ways. My handicapping hasn't been so sharp since last Tuesday especially in the totals but last night we were able to pick up the slack.

  • Final Update released: 6 plays for tonight, one Double Dime Play! For tonight I'm offering 2 Free Plays (posted above). I just don't have time to make detailed write ups, good luck

  • true that, taylor... lookin forward 2 yo input, A-Dre

  • Hey Andre,

    Enjoying the plays thus far. Yeah, the last few days have been up and down but I like where you're head is at. Your wins typically trend towards blowouts or close wins that should've been blowouts (see: OK City vs. Atlanta OVER) and your losses tend to be of the coin-flip variety (Chicago wins by 9, line was 10 - Houston wins by 9, push - Portland/Utah Under misses by .5 a point!)

    Even though I've only been following your package for a few days and the card hasn't been too kind to us, I like your strategy. It almost seems like you have to make a high volume of plays to win in this sport. With your knowledge and expertise I'm sure you know that over time those coin-flip games will ultimately fall in your favor. Hell, I don't need to tell you that since you're the one with 4 straight winning seasons!!!

    Keep up the great work! I have full faith in your work for 2011!