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Invent a Super Bowl Prop Contest (free to enter)!

Invent a Super Bowl Prop Contest (free to enter)!
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Will there be an onside kick attempt

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O/U - 1

The amount of times a pass is caught by a player who reports as "tackle eligible/eligible receiver."

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Number of times Peyton Manning says "Omaha" vs the number of times Troy Aikman says "Turns it loose"

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OVER/UNDER regarding how many times a player will have to "assist in holding the ball upright", so it won't fall off the kicking tee, whenever the ball is kicked off. This includes EVERYTIME the kicking tee is used for whatever reason to kick the ball off of the tee. Examples: starting the game, or after any scores, including safeties. No matter why or when a kicking tee is used, is applicable to the total number. Does not have to be used after only scores. ANYTIME it is used and the kicker kicks it from the tee and the ball is held on the tee by another player.

Line: OVER/UNDER  29 1/2   (-110)  

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How much will $ Vegas Take in? Over/Under $5,000,000


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Game time in which  quarter it is announced that both Manning and Elway brought the Broncos to the Super Bowl but drafted by the Colts.

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After being flipped, will the coin strike any person before coming to rest?  Yes +450 No -600.

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How will the 1st possession in the 2nd half end?

TD, FG, Punt, Interception, Fumble, Safety

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Number of quarters during game precipitation is shown falling on FOX broadcast- 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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Will the announcers mention Governor Chris Christie's name?

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