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San Fran vs Carolina...Another Soft Line

Thread Starter San Fran vs Carolina...Another Soft Line
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Started a thread last week for the SF/GB game stating that the line was too low at 2/2.5 and SF took care of business.  Same story this week.  SF -2?? They will take care of business again this week, don't overthink this one.  They lost 10-9 earlier in the year to Carolina, but that was without Crabtree and Davis.  SF covers...GL

P.S--SF to win SB is at +565 on 5Dimes...still a solid payout.

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probably right, Newtons first playoff game, Steve Smith  is ? and even if plays may not be 100%....figure Newton to be little jittery early...also most likely will tease total up to 49 for under49 and match up with another play, undecided for now....maybe Sea -2 or 3

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GB should have punched it in last night and covered the spread so I don't think these 49er lines are off at all.  In fact I'm taking Carolina.  There is no justification for them being a home dog.

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I liked what I saw of S.F. in the G.B. game and Newton is no Rodgers. But, there is the Carolina defense. OTOH, most defenses will play above their heads in a playoff game; maybe G.B. did that and S.F. was still able to make enough plays. Kaepernick did not look as shaky as I thought he would, with his passing game. I had the prop on him for the Over on the rushing yards and would consider that again in the Carolina game except now, it will be up in the 40's. He is amazingly fast. S.F. defense looks very good. Have them in the Carolina game at -1. GL.

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Cant bet it right now. It was available at PK +105 last night. PK for various odds for a bit of time. Now its SF -2. Unless you think they get hammered enough to hang SF -3 you have to wait and hope people bet Car back to a 'better' number.

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I think the "value" is on Carolina.  Reason being I don't think SF would be -7 if this game was in San Fran.  You figure with this line at SF-1 it would be SF-4 on a neutral field and SF -7 at home.  Seems too high to me but then again I would not bet the house on an inexperienced Carolina squad.  Looks like Under will be my play.

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I agree 49ers should win by over a TD.  I like the prop bets that cam and cap have rushing td

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Don't forget the Packer defense was missing their 2 best defenders and several other key Packer defenders went down during the game. The Packers are the team I follow and they do not have a good secondary. Personally I don't think that Kap will have the same success running the ball against the Panther defense like he did against the Packers. I also don't believe Kap is a very good pocket passer and I totally expect Carolina to conceal the edges and make Kap beat them from the pocket. FWIW Kap had a terrible day at home against the Carolina defense and I won't be surprised if Carolina wins. Carolina plus the points will be my strongest play this weekend. I'm actually surprised Carolina is not the favorite in this game. Good luck

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Hey guys, newbie  here, been lurking for a while, finally joined.  Originally from the LV backwater of Green Valley.

Anyhoo...Line opens up SF +1 over 70% on SF, line moves to -1, then 78% on SF yet line moves to pk now at 79% and still pk.

Is this some evidence of big money on the Panthers?  Books trying to induce some betting on SF at pk to balance the big money on Carolina (which I believe the 'public' thinks is a better team).

To me that means the sharp side is Carolina.

Thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know if the 49ers traveled directly to Carolina from Green Bay? I heard they might. It could help their cause as this will be their 3rd straight road game and be traveling from the west coast to the east coast for what amounts to a 10am game.

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