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Brady Kannon - NFL Rankings & Tough Loss on Monday Night

Thread Starter Brady Kannon - NFL Rankings & Tough Loss on Monday Night
Brady Kannon
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Here are my NFL Rankings through Week 15 of the season along with some thoughts on our loss in The Ravens-Lions game on Monday Night...






I have color coded the teams and listed them in descending order. Teams listed in the same color, I figure as equal or darn close.

As for the tough blow that was our loss on The Lions on Monday Night, here is a little back story..

For the second season in a row, I made it to the final 20+ teams out of 1000 that began the year in a "Survivor Pool" before losing last night when we had The Lions to beat The Ravens Straight Up.  With a Lions win, I would have gone into next week with a chance to win $100,000 and only 28-teams left in the pool.

Obviously the money is a REALLY sweet bonus but what really gets me is losing.  I can't stand being out of it.  I want to be able to say we won the whole darn thing!  My feelings were the same coming down the stretch in The Hilton SuperContest in 2011.  The money was great but it's all about having your name on that trophy.  Thankfully, we got our name in lights that year.  I must have caught myself dreaming that the Ravens-Lions outcome was different or still undecided 4-or-5 times in the middle of the night last night.  Damnit!  Check out some of the incredible improbability of that loss..

- In the last 24-years.. since 1989.. teams that score zero (0) touchdowns and their opponents score two (2) or more TD's, were 0-and-349 Straight Up and 10-338-and-1 Against The Spread before last night.

- Since 1989, teams that score zero (0) touchdowns and their opponents score exactly two (2) touchdowns, were 0-and-131 Straight Up and only covered the spread less than 7% of the time - again, before last night.

- 61 yards is the longest field goal ever kicked in a game at Ford Field.  It is also the longest field goal ever kicked by Justin Tucker in his NFL career.

- The Lions had won in the stats in 6-of their last 7-games and The Ravens had lost in the stats in 5-of their last 6-games coming into last night.

- Five (5) of The Ravens' six (6) losses this season had come on the road before last night.

- The Lions were 4-and-0 Straight Up versus The Ravens in the series.  The Lions were 6-and-1 Against The Spread in their games immediately following playing The Eagles.

- The Ravens, going on the road off of a 3-game home sweep were 1-and-7 Straight Up and 2-and-6 Against The Spread away off a win in Monday Night games, including 0-and-4 Straight Up AND Against The Spread in non-division contests - again, before last night.

- NFL road teams off three (3) Straight Up and Against The Spread home wins were just 1-and-8 Against The Spread when facing an opponent off a Straight Up and Against The Spread loss from Game Twelve out.


OVERWHELMING situational data in our favor and that game completely and entirely bucked the odds.  Tough to have been on the "wrong" side of that one.

Oh well.  We'll try again next season and of course, again this week.


Since joining in September, I have been picking NFL winners at a rate of 60%. We are 6-and-2 on Monday Nights and our 1* Plays are 17-and-6 over the last 8-weeks. I will start making my golf picks available in the new year when the PGA Tour season kicks off in earnest.. and of course, if you need a golf tee time in Las Vegas, we're always here at


Thank you and have fun,

Brady Kannon



Brady Kannon
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Corrected list showing Broncos.

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Wow, what a tough loss when you consider the TD to FGs statistic. I watched the game and that angle didn't even cross my mind. Good luck going forward.

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