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MNF Bet It & Bet It BIG Cashes In

Thread Starter MNF Bet It & Bet It BIG Cashes In
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Yes it's been over a month since you've heard from me....I last mentironed that I have a newborn & all you dads know how that goes. In addition, I set my family up at a new house & we all know how that goes as well. Busy, busy, busy! Anyhow, i just stopped in to share what I believe will be another banger for tonights MNF match up between two of my favorite teams. The Seahawks still remain #1 in my book & have been for over 15 years. That's another topic though. 

Meawhile, my max bet 5* Bet It & Bet It BIG plays have gone 8-1 YTD for +$3945 & I look to add win #9 of 10 tonight. Last year my max bet 5* Bet It & Bet It BIG Plays went on a  41-26 run for +$6200. Being selective was the reason for success & it's all for free my friends! So to my faithful followers, I'm sorry for the long break & inconsistency but at least I stopped by to share my thoughts for today....

(5*) Play: SAINTS/SEAHAWKS "Under 47.5"  Yes"WINNER" 

As always Best of Luck to all of you!

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your back bro.....Crack em Hard!!!!

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Good to see you back.....sure alot of us have been looking for you. Congrats on the new born, I have two young kids it only gets busier as they get older lol.

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Whats up 808, yeah to say you have your hands full is an understatement, LOL

Good Luck

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Welcome back HOT and Congrats on the babe , the greatest thing on the planet

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Thanks Sharkman, Songuy, KWC, & BAD! I appreciate the kind words & welcoming. BOL to all of you today & everyday!!!

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Howzit Brah, welcome back and mahalo for your advice, really appreciate it.  Congrats on the new keiki and house.  Really missed you and your wisdom.  Hope you managed to stay dry yesterday.  Aloha no, Mikaele

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Welcome back man, I like your style and you prove winners with running your mouth.. Congrats on the newborn

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nice to see u back 808..and congrats on the newborn and move...GET EM!!

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welcome back hot boy... i guess now your a hot man!!! LOL  ... the kid, the house... make any boy a man... best of luck tonight man... i'm with ya

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