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Updated Super Bowl Odds - Post Draft

Thread Starter Updated Super Bowl Odds - Post Draft
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Updated Super Bowl Odds

San Francisco 49ers 6/1

Denver Broncos 7/1

New England Patriots 8/1

Seattle Seahawks 9/1

Green Bay Packers 12/1

Atlanta Falcons 17/1

Houston Texans 18/1

New Orleans Saints 18/1

New York Giants 20/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 25/1

Baltimore Ravens 28/1

Dallas Cowboys 33/1

Cincinnati Bengals 35/1

Chicago Bears 38/1

Washington Redskins 40/1

Indianapolis Colts 40/1

Miami Dolphins 40/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 45/1

Minnesota Vikings 50/1

San Diego Chargers 50/1

Philadelphia Eagles 55/1

Detroit Lions 55/1

Kansas City Chiefs 60/1

St. Louis Rams 60/1

Carolina Panthers 65/1

New York Jets 120/1

Cleveland Browns 125/1

Arizona Cardinals 140/1

Tennessee Titans 140/1

Buffalo Bills 150/1

Oakland Raiders 200/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 200/1

If you could make only one bet, what would it be?

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Green Bay Packers 12/1


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Indianapolis Colts 40/1



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Cincinnati. Most tough games are at home, they ought to win that division, home playoff game, and play enough defense to beat either Denver or New England on the road. Maybe this year they'll get Houston at home :)

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Bengals 35/1

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Minnesota Vikings 50/1

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Seahawks 9/1

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Green Bay 12/1

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ATL  17/1

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Atl 17/1

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