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Biggest Bet Super Bowl EVER!

Thread Starter Biggest Bet Super Bowl EVER!
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Super Bowl 47 was the biggest bet Super Bowl in Nevada history: $98.9 Million wagered!
Beating the 2006 record of $94.5 Million (Steelers vs. Seahawks)

Nevada bookmakers won $7.2 Million on the Super Bowl (the most since 2007 Colts vs. Bears)

Vegas has won money on the Super Bowl 21 of the last 23 years!
Bettors have won money on the Super Bowl only 2 of the last 23 years!

Nevada accounts for less than 1% of the worldwide handle on the Super Bowl:
Assuming that sportsbooks worldwide won at the same rate as Nevada,
bettors conservatively lost over $720 Million on Super Bowl XLVII

Here's another way to explain how big the action is worldwide: estimates that more money was at risk on the coin flip worldwide
than on the entire game (any bet type) in Nevada!

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I'm surprised to hear that. Everyone I know was on the ravens and the locals I talked to were all one sided. I live in chicago not baltimore also.

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I'm surprised with these results as well .. and according to spy books Ravens took 64 percent and over was 62 percent.. Does this mean the heavier amount of money was bet on SF and under, Or do the books just cash in big on props?

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Thats alot of money lol

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