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Preseason Odds of a Harbowl?

Thread Starter Preseason Odds of a Harbowl?
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Based on preseason odds, the chances of this match-up were 60 to 1 against.

As a Steelers fan I am in pain.

Do you like the added drama of brothers coaching against each other?

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Is it added drama or just another stupid angle media outlets get to run down our throat? I'm sure plenty of people will be forced to recycle stories from last thanksgiving for us to hear about.


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This is probably the worst case scenario for you being a Steelers fan.  First you probably hate the Ravens more than anything and yet, if SF wins they claim their 6th.  No win situation really unless you look at the opposite effect.  Ravens win, SF doesnt get 6....SF wins, they get 6 and Ravens lose.  Yeah, this superbowl just sucks for Steelers fans :)  

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Hell no were gonna kno every family member and every stupid story about them from birth til now by february 5th

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The day before the conference games you could bet a BAL/SF matchup at +530 at BOL, their 2 team parly paid .20 less on that matchup at +510 going off the ML's of the moment.

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Is everyone at Pregame Steelers fans? RJ and Marco both, you all need to have some different teams.

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