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Falcons historic underdog

Thread Starter Falcons historic underdog
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Since the NFL Playoff expanded to 10 team in 1978:

Falcons are the biggest home underdog of ANY #1 seed in any round of the playoffs.

Falcons are the biggest home under of any team in the Conference Championship round.

Is the big number justified?

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Yes, I believe so. I feel a team must earn their status as a favorite, and that status is obtained by their body of work in past playoff appearances. And no, Pete Caroll's bad luck against the Falcons last week doesn't count!

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I have SF as 1 point fav ... Love Atl with anything more than 3 ....

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I don't know if it's justified, but because it's unprecedented, I took the Atl -4.

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Sorry, I meant Atl +4.

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I took the points because I think SF played a perfect game against the Packers, minus the int, and that is what the odds makers are banking on. In every interview Ive seen lately, the niners are feeling really good about their selves, they are ripe for a let down. The only thing bothering me is the 2 games the Falcons played against the Panthers who have a similar q/b.

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The cream rises to the top in money games - I'm not convinced that Atlanta is as strong as their regular season record suggests (people put too much stock in reg. season record and stats.) and I believe that they will have to play way beyond their capabilties to beat San Francisco this weekend. The line is justified (IMO) because if you were truly objective in viewing the Seattle game last week, your eyes would have shown you that Atlanta is very lucky to even be participating in this game. Seattle just didn't take advantage of the way Atlanta seemed to go out of their way to give them the game. I'm sorry but I'm going to go with what I've been looking at out of Atlanta for a while and especially what I saw last week.

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Week to week is what we tend to remember. Last week people were concerned with Kaepernick being a rookie in  a big situation. Well, he's still a rookie in a bigger situation and on the road. And this week there will be less surprises from San Francisco. Top-to-bottom, I do think they are the more solid team, but to be a road favorite in this situation almost seems to take the pressure off of Atlanta more than it would if they were a PK (or so), and clearly they know they are "historic underdogs".

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Haven't totally made up my mind yet and i am going to watch the LM over the next 3 days but 3 of S.F.'s 4 losses came on the road and all of them were indoors.If Atlanta can get 75 yards on the ground they will be successful in the air because their core of receivers and tight ends can move the ball on any defense!!

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I don't think so. Did you see steve Fezzick's logic equation

ATL + 5.5 vs pats, San Fran + 2 vs pats, why then is

San Fran -4 @ ATL? Suggests ATL getting too many points.

Basic logic I believe. It's a cat and mouse game between

the house and sharps. This line may get hgher. If it does

I think the Falcons r the play. Looking at the total may be

the way to bet this game.

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