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Personal Power Rankings from Fezzik (NFL Week 17)

Thread Starter Personal Power Rankings from Fezzik (NFL Week 17)
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Personal Power Rankings from Fezzik

1 DEN 99
t2 NE 98
t2 GB 98
t4 ATL 97
t4 SF 97
t4 SEA 97
7 HOU 95
t8 PIT 94.5
t8 BALt 94.5
t8 Giants 94.5
t11 CIN 94
t11 Wash 94
t13 Dal 93
t13 CHIC 93
t13 NO 93
t16 MIN 91
t16 CAR 91
18 STL 89.5
t19 MIA 89
t19 INDY 89
t19 SD 89
22 TB 88.5
23 DET  88
24 Clev 87
t25 NYJ 86
t25 BUF 86
t25 Philly 86
t28 Ten 85
t28 OAK 85
t30 JAX 84
t30 AZ 84
32 KC 83

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so how do I utilize this??  

e.g buff minus 3 (86) vs jets (86)


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16-points separates the top team from the bottom team?  That seems a bit excessive; does it not?

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Power rankings back in the day would set an idea of how lines were made.  It just gave you a basis.  A lot of great cappers still are old school and use it.  It was prominent back in the day when the Stardust was around.  People would talk about their power rankings.  Its a whole different ballgame now, the game has changed.  

Im not knocking power rankings, but it just doesnt have the value it once did before the internet age but its always a good reference to use.    

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Fezzik is a Math Wizard!!

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Indy at 19th with Miami .. Too low in my opinion

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I agree with Caseyward420...Indy has won 11 games and has won alot of close games.  I think they beat Baltimore outright.

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