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advice from an old bettor and bookies friend

Thread Starter advice from an old bettor and bookies friend
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Its obvious this week has been hard on many based on the posts.

I for one have not made any wagers in the last few months as I have very rarely had a winning year in football. I have however gambled for the last 30 plus years and here is some lifelong unsolicited advice. One of my best friends is a bookie and we play a bunch of golf together and here is what I have observed. He never presses when hes down.He only presses when hes up . He fears his customers most early in every season and when they are on a winning streak ( yet he is amazed when they are seeing the board the best they get conservative with their wagers to ensure collecting that week, He fears his customers when they are chasing( because he knows they are going to bury themseleves and probably stiff him) please take a moment to think about these points and I hope it will keep you action for longer more enjoyable periods of time

this whole site needs a winning streak

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great advice and so true

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True true.

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Was a bookie for years, excellent advice.

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most locals i know have been getting killed the past few weeks. many handicappers find value in plays that many times are anti-public. i had my worst week of 2012 last week.

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Johnny keep up the great work on the site. You guys are doing a great job and fighting the good fight. The content and talent are def. here. Hopefully the luck for most will turn and everyone will be back to thanking everyone soon.

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