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Pregame Emergency Crisis--What Yall are Missing

Thread Starter Pregame Emergency Crisis--What Yall are Missing
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Said i was not going to post, but enough is enough Motherfuckers!  The main thing that has gone wrong with Pregame's forums RESPECT!   TRY AND SHOW SOME TO EVERYONE & IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH SOMEONE, STAY THE *** OUT OF THEIR POST.....BE CONSTRUCTIVE, NOT DESTRUCTIVE....IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY, DONT SAY SHIT AT ALL! 

For the next 36 hours how about everyone only post shit sports related?  Gah Damn, it's like a fucking daycare around here!  I like Lloyd and will sorely miss him, but if a man wants to walk let him walk.....Only message i have for him (which applies to all) is, your not posting for the fuckers you dont like on here, you post to help the ones you do like and are trying to help!  As far as fuckers crying about paid picks, that's the only reason this site and forum exist, because of the revenue off those picks that allow this forum to show some respect & take some responsbiltiy for your own actions.  Nobody made your buy those picks or bet those game, especially for XXX amount of Money.......Now fucking grow up and take responbilty for your own actions!

Who would want to be part of a community full of a bunch of whinny little bitches?

RJ BELL & Johnny Detroit--- Yall know how much i care about freedom of speech in the forums, but im reccomending anyone who does not post strictly on Sports Related Topics for the next 36 hours be placed on moderation.........unless it's a picture of some sexy bitches...

now that im here, i might as well fucking post my bets for today.....





Parlay all 4 for a small amount.....

Tease to please EZ Pick----Saints+7+Broncos-4


By the way for all you broke fuckers crying about paid picks....should of followed the SEC Chalk Talk & you'd swimming on Cloud 9 with the rest of us SEC Folk!



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Good luck bud.



2014 Pregame Fantasy Soccer Champion (1ST YEAR)

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Hotty Toddy to that Griff!! :))

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Welcome back Griff, amen!

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well said or put!!

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Good luck today griff and I agree that there is way too much drama and bitching around here. It's not helping no one.

"Negative people will always try and drag you down to their level. Love them, but always rise above them."

There may be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.

mobig wins
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I don't agree with your political views but I am a fan. You speak from the heart. U r always looking to better pregame and stay positive in most situations. Thanks 4 the plays bro and all this teenage bullshit needs to stop.

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Good to have you back Griff. Forums are better with you here.

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I'm new here and love all the info the site gives..I'm not a big talker or join in a lot of chats..I love to Gamble! Griff hit the nail on the head..Newbies like myself are here to get the info from the guys who do this for a living..I take the info and make my own pick. Just want to say Thanks for the site and it's great you can express yourself on here the way Griff where's the Sexy Bitches!!    Holy shit Denver

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Very nicely put Griff!! Hope to see you around town sometime.

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