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My 22 Don't Miss NFL Vegas Facts - Week 12

Thread Starter My 22 Don't Miss NFL Vegas Facts - Week 12
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22 NFL Vegas Facts: 

Favorites last week won 13 of 14 games straight-up.

9 road favorites this week (no week since 2004 has had more) 

Thursday home teams
when playing a road team NOT off a bye
have covered 59% of games since 1990 (Lions, Cowboys, Jets)

Buccs: Covered only 9 of last 32 home games

Chiefs: all home underdogs of more than a touchdown have covered 59% (since 1991)

Cowboys: Covered only 2 of last 13 home games

Cowboys: Romo at home - 3 TDs and 10 INTs this season

Cowboys: Last 3 seasons, underdog has covered 71% of Dallas games (30-12 ATS)

Eagles: Cashed for backers only 1 game out of 10 this season

Eagles: Covered only 3 of last 16 home games

Falcons: Coach Smith as favorite: 31-16 ATS

Giants: Covered only 39% of home games since 1999

Jags: Road team has covered all 10 games this season

Jags: 5 home games, have not loss by less than 17 points in any of them

Packers: won 24 of last 29 games (underdog at Giants)

Lost 3 games by a combined 4 points this season
Won 7 games by a combined 137 points this season

Rams: Jeff Fisher is 81-53 ATS (60%) in career as an underdog.

Ravens: Teams favored week after playing Mike Tomlin’s Steelers: 10-31 ATS

Saints: Giving up over 50 more yards per game this season than ANY team in the last DECADE.

Seahawks: All road favorites off a bye are 26-4 ATS last 30 games

Seahawks: Covered only 36% of games on road since 2002

Steelers: Dick LeBeau has won 14 straight games vs. rookie QBs (in games Steelers starters were not rested) 

Steelers: Coach Tomlin after a loss, has won 12 straight games

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Bills week after playing Dolphins: 10-35 ATS (since 1989)

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Great stats RJ. And, trends and history or tradition really is

a huge part of picking a winner. Houston is a much better team

than Detroit, Dallas is a little better team than Washington, and

New England is a lot better than the jets. I think Houston comes

into Detroit ready to play. Last week they didn't practice much

and thought they would crush the jags anyway. They partied big

time on their bye week. I don't think you will see sloppy bone

headed plays from Houston tomorrow. They showed me something

when they beat the bears in that cold rainstorm. They are tough

and they don't like to lose. I think Detroit could give a rip. That

team is a team of free agents looking for more money and any

great effort you see is individual. Houston will Play their A game

In Detroit on turkey day. Watch for the trxans to jump on them

early and whip settings ass. Dallas and Washington will be a real

close game. RG3 nay win this game in the end. And, the Patriots

Ride over to new jersey. How can you fade new England with

Brady against Tebow,Sanchez and the gang. The pats have

plenty of great receivers. New England -6 or 7 is stealing.

Brady will pick them apart and they can run and play defense

too. Dallas will be the only dog that may lose. Houston and

New England will win. The spread will not matter. My opinion

from watching these teams play, and obvious to me who cares

more about winning than anything. That's why Houston and

new England are leading their divisions. Strength of schedule

doesn't really mean much in the NFL. It's the attitude of the

players. They are all good players or they wouldnt be there.

Houston and new England win Thursday. Dallas and Washington

Will be a 2 or 3 point game. Road dog may leave Arlington with

a W. While Detroit and new jersey guys ain't real hungry thursday

night, because they weren't hungrir than their opponents

Thursday morning and evening. Detroit won't beat Houston.

And the jets won't beat the pats. And bama will kill Notre Dame

And it's time. Coach Bryant never beat the Irish. I promise

you if they play for the championship. Bama blows em out.

Problem is. I think USC whips Notre dames ass Saturday.

The Irish is feeling the pressure like a rookie golfer standing over

a 5 ft put for birdie to win the u s open. Take care, roll tide

Dwayne Beall the Bama Man

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I meant Dallas may be the only favorite that loses to a dog.

Of course if Dallas does Lose, Jerry may be ready to throw em to

the dogs. I agree with Scott spritzer on LSU. And, Vandy opened

-6 against wak forest. I think that spread is now Vandy -12 or

12 1/2. I still like vanderbilt in that game. I think ga tech is getting

too many points against Georgia. And, it looks like bama will

play brogue forthe SEC. Bama will close Georgia if tech doesn't

do it first. Best game on Saturday as far as a dog fight is the egg

Bowl. Take Ms St +1 over Ole Miss. My best bet of the week.

Anyway, thought I would correct myself regarding the dog and

the favorites take Kentucky +13 against Tennessee, Rutgers + 21/2

against Pitt. I like Stanford to dominate UCLA in a very low scoring

game. The under 52 1/2 is a great bet. Anyway, the Steelers

are hangin tough. Right now, I don't think the 5 or 6 teams rated

betterthan they are want to play em. And, the 49ers are warriors.

They got a great team. Good luck guys and Roll Tide. I haven't

researched this but I think 32 1/2 points is the highest point

spread ever between Akabama and Auburn sinc the beginning

of the rivalry. Maybe the eagles will hire Chizik. Roll tide!

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Wow some great info

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Home underdogs getting MORE than 8-points are 20-1 ATS last 21!

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great information ? KC +10.5 home dog? VS Denver? KC very disappointing last week vs Cinn... hard to consider them again thx...

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Great stuff RJ. Thanks

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Well, after Thnx gvng 2012, home teams win % will take a dip. All 3 road teams won today.

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Gameday bump

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