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How much did safety cost bettors?

Thread Starter How much did safety cost bettors?
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What did the safety mean for bettors?

An estimated 65% of the money bet on the game backed San Francisco;
with 35% of the money backing Seattle.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Coach Harbaugh’s unconventional decision
resulted in a $75 Million dollar swing worldwide
with the Bettors overall losing that amount (due to 65% of action on 49ers)
and the Bookies overall winning that amount. 

49ers -7 had money refunded (but would have won with the safety)
49ers -7.5 or -8 lost (but would have won with the safety)
Seahawks +7 had money refunded (but would have lost with the safety)
Seahawks +7.5 or +8 won (but would have lost with the safety)

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I was going to ask you RJ! Was really curious to know...WOW  O_o

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I bought the half point and had SFR at 7.0. Harbaugh made the right call on that play - obviously.

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i was on the under in the north texas the other night and a weird penalty call saved it at the end unfortunately i was on the wrong side tonight but the breaks even out i guess weird week

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Its not me Its u
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Why should coaches give a damn about the spread? They are trying to win the game, NOT COVER. Harbaugh made the right choice, two kneel downs and game over.

I understand why people who bet the 49ers are irritated, but that's just another reason why laying big favorites can be dicey in the NFL. NFL coaches want to win and advance to next week.

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I know some guys who had it at 9 and would have had the push.  I got 7.

I don't think it was a very good chop block call, the second guy wasn't really in there low.  He got him around the hip.  It would have been a gift.  Still sucks to get a gift and then have it swiped.

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I had the hawks+9.5(alot if square books in my town inflate the favorites) so it didn't effect me, but I knew the safety being declined would cause a uproar & could not help but laugh to my self


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I put my bet in Tuesday @-7 but bought it down to -6.5. Reason being if SF woulda beat The Giants the spread would have started @ -9 or-10. I figured by 1 hour before game time it would be at least -9. Hey that half point won me back almost what I lost cuz of the scab refs. FYI Checking the bet% a few days before can really help sometimes. Remember Vegas wins more then they lose, RJ I like what I've seen u post and will start following u more. Sorry to bomb ur blog so hard but a lot of poeople could of been winners if the saw everyone loading up on SF 3 days early. Also teased SF with Ducks and over lost that but if u noticed td pass was dropped with 3 secs left which woulda made that a fatty winner. All I'm saying is I take a lot of stock in what the rest of America is doing betting % wise. *** the saftey Gore had 3 shoe lace tackles that should been TDs.

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Waited and took Seattle +9... happy i didn't tie lol

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