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Never More Underdogs Than NFL Week 3!

Thread Starter Never More Underdogs Than NFL Week 3!
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Crazy Calls = Crazy Results?

9 underdogs of a field goal or more won NFL games this week.
Searching back to 1989, there has NEVER been more wins in a week by substantial underdogs
(and only once, in Week 16 of 2006, was this week's 9 upsets even matched)
Vegas experts speculate that the randomness of the refs calls is resulting in historically random results.
How Long Will it Continue?

Based on current betting odds, there's a 43% chance replacement officials WILL referee this year's Super Bowl!
Monday Night Refund?

At least one sportsbook (Paddy Power - based in Ireland) REFUNDED all Packers bets in full, no questions asked - calling it a matter of simple justice.

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that sports book is smart to do that because that's good publicity for them

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Thanks RJ! Ask a question around here, you get an answer. Yes

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Interesting stuff RJ thanks as always.

After the the afternoon games I was looking over the lines, and I said to myself "Pretty good day to be on the underdogs". And then of course SNF and MNF both cash the underdog.


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posted last saturday.....

thx Jeff...think the books may have big day sunday...riding with em

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that's cool, isn't that the same book that refunded for the pacquio vs bradley horseshit decision

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GTbets refunded 50% on packers saying they thought call stinks.

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I heard refunded Packers bets to non-US players

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I am just annoyed only half my bet was on with PaddyPower and half with Betfair!! Should have known!

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