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MNF Cash Swing Worldwide!

Thread Starter MNF Cash Swing Worldwide!
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68% of bets last night were on the Packers; only 32% on the Seahawks.
Worldwide, an estimated $150 million MORE was bet on Green Bay than Seattle.
Meaning, due to one call by the replacement refs,
the bettors lost $150 million, and the bookie won $150 million
for a total swing of $300 million on one debatably bad call!

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Dave Essler
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Maybe it'll end up being like the SoCal-Utah game last year...............

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Of any big win we have had, or winning streak, or even coming out of a losing streak, this is more important:

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I still want to know if all these people on Twitter and Pick-Selling sites claim to have beaten up books for years, I would think there would be no places left to place wagers.

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Bruno Bets
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Certainly not being smug about this fiasco, but facts are facts. This one is done. Unless the game tapped you (in which case you bet way too much), we need to 'cap the upcoming week's games as if the official refs are going to be back, as there is obviously no way of 'capping replacement refs.

As bad as these refs have been, I really can't believe that they will affect the outcome of many more games. If anything, other teams should now see the urgency of taking games out of the refs' hands. That is the premise I choose to follow this week. It is sad that our beloved NFL has come to this, but it is what it is.

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What happens if Goodell reverses the call as Colin and Trent discussed?   The  NFL commissioner has the right and power to do so.  What happens to those cashed tickets?

Tony George
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Interesting question....HOWEVER I am with Bruno....took it in the ass on that debacle as many did apparently but it is spilt milk and I am on to next my profession taking losses personally and getting involved in ongoing frustration and being upset takes away focus from the agenda that is at hand....which is Thursday Football and weekend capping...moving forward.

HUGE $$ implications as RJ stated....that is a big number.  I figured at least $100 million worldwide..but that is a bigger number based on the one-sidedness of the wagers....


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What they dont figure into the equation are little aspects of the NFL that effect the little guy.

For instance, I m in a pool you pick every game every week.  There is a weekly prize and a season prize.  By virtue of the monday night final as a tiebreak, this awful outcome cost a guy 200 bucks for the weekly prize, and could cost him a few thousand in the final outcome.

How about a guy playing fantasy football.  Maybe someone started Golden Tate, Russell Wilson or the Green Bay D.  That last play has a chance of winning or losing you a game in the standings.  Thats money out of someones pocket.

How about a survivor pool.  What happens if you put 100 into a survivor pool worth 14000 and you had the misfortune of selecting Green Bay.  Sure there were better places to go on the board this week.........its one thing to lose, its another to lose like that.

What about the Hilton contest?  In a contest where you are limited to 85 picks which boils down to 1.17% of your selections.......lets see how it shakes out at the end.  How sick are you if you picked Green Bay and  finish the season 1 game out of first, third or the last cashing spot.

Seeing how much money this outcome cost the fans is really unattainable............and endless

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Some guy in my FFL league was down 2 heading into that play, the other guy had packers D, the guy who had Packers D lost by .3 lol

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how bout Russel Wilson at 1.5 tds? Or I think Wilson was -90 yards against Rogers. Did that put him within 90 yards?? Or golden tate td's. SO many prop bets that hinge and TD's and yardage. Just crazy to wrap my head around that stuff. I dint even think about 2nd half line whatever it was. Prob didnt come into play. Would have been something if the extra point was another kick in the teeth.

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DAVE ESSLER~~~What happened in the SoCal-Utah game last year?

CFB 2012

5 units (18-5) +62.5 units
4 units (28-17) +37.2 units
3 units (28-25) +1.5 units
2 units (21-15) +9.0 units
1 unit  (7-7) -0.7 units

Total record (102-69)(60%) +109.5 units!!

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