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Looking like NE -7 over Baltimore

Thread Starter Looking like NE -7 over Baltimore
Bryan Leonard
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After 5 minutes from the opener.

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Just ran my numbers and I have it capped at NE -8.5

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The Greek is off 7 . . . now -7.5 (+100)

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I grabbed the -7. Is Reed going to play? Also, Rice didn't look his usual self.

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Going up to tahoe. Gonna lay large on ne.   Dont give a shit bout anything this line does.  Game will b rout city

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Lloyd Christmas
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Wow.  5dimes had it -3.5 for their advanced line.   Thought that seemed low

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I hope my ravens come to play next week ima betting account on them




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Seems high but you can count on Baltimore's offensive miscues to keep them out of the Superbowl. Whether they play a good or bad Defense they just continue to under perform despite their talent.

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Think anything under 10 is a safe bet in this one. 2007 super bowl rematch is what we headed for

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Like the Pats BIG as Flacco is totally out of rhythm.

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