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WORLD OPENERS: NFL Season Win Totals

Thread Starter WORLD OPENERS: NFL Season Win Totals
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Reply with your best bet ...

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AZ only -7.5 (!!!). Holy cow. That's it? Their defense losses in FA wasn't THAT bad, and if anything they are probably a better team overall AFTER the draft after adding Reddick, Baker, Dorian Johnson, etc.

Outside of Calais Campbell, there were no significant losses in defense, and it some cases (like at LB and SS, OL), it got stronger.

AZ might be looking at 12 wins this year.

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RAMS Over 5.5   EZ   $$$

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Falcons under 10

Gotta fade the SB loser.  

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I'm sorry man, i see that you are a fan but you need to face the fact that Carson is old. His season will suck given the fact that the O Line simply not good and his WR corps is not as reliable as it used to be a couple of seasons ago. Mark my words: 7 wins at best and that's only thanks to D. Johnson.

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Carson Palmer is done! It's Cardinals under or no play.

Big drop from Dolphins 7,5 and Bills 6. Seven teams that the bookie feel is a lot worse than the rest.

I like Bucs over 8. Talented team trending upwards.

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Giants over, they win 10 or 11 games this year.

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I will take Dallas and Oakland to the under,,,everything broke perfectly for each club last year now they will be getting everyone's best shot......

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I'm shocked to see Dolphins at 7.5.  With a second year under Gase, and the return of Pouncey and Reshad Jones I can't see this team going worse than 8-8.  They have a much harder schedule but the improvement on their defense should give them a solid buffer.

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NY Jets under 5.5 should be a lock.  They're going to tank this season to get a high draft choice for next year's draft since there should be several good QBs to choose from.

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