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Washington Redskins Irony

Thread Starter Washington Redskins Irony
Stephen Nover
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Friday, March 10

How's this for irony five years later: 

The Redskins supposedly mortgaged their future to draft Robert Griffin III in 2012, while also taking Kirk Cousins in the fourth round. 

The Browns cut Griffin today likely ending his NFL career, while the Redskins just signed Cousins for one year at $24 million. 

I'll always hold it against Mike Shanahan for ruining Griffin's career. Instead of looking out for his franchise quarterback, the short-sighted Shanahan let him play injured against the Seahawks in order to try to win a wild-card playoff game. That's criminal. 

Griffin, who may have been the best rookie running quarterback ever and who set a rookie record passer rating of 102.4, never was the same because his knee was shot. 

Cousins is merely a serviceable NFL starter. He needs to be surrounded by loads of skill position talent in order to succeed. Griffin was a once-in-a-generation talent. 

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yep, bad deal by Shanny but these running  qb won t last long . take to too much of a beating. Even Newton as big as he is , the hits are taking a toll.

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Griffin was never going to be an accurate passer, the injury just compounded his issues. As I live in the area, I watched every game he ever played in while at Washington- fun for a while there.

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RG3 was a fad just like Kaepernick.

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Teams with dysfunctional front offices rarely are successful on the field.  Unfortunately, Danny Snyder can't fire himself.

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