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Fezzik's Focus, Sunday 1/1/ Steam Report: What they are betting in Vegas

Thread Starter Fezzik's Focus, Sunday 1/1/ Steam Report: What they are betting in Vegas
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305 Baltimore from +2 to -1.5

AJ Green and TE Eifert out.  Bernard has been out for the season and the other RB Hill is questionable. LB Burfict is out. There isn't much left of these Bengals, the line move makes sense.

309 GB from-3-120 to -3.5.

Public money on the Packers here, if this gets to +4, Det likely worth investing in once this number goes up, pros want +4.

314 Philly -4 up to -6.5.

Dallas can say what they want to win, but the betting markets do not lie.  Philly likely rolls IN THE 2nd HALF when the Dallas bench empties.

317 Carolina +4.5 down to +3.

Tbay needs 8 things to happen including a tie, AND Gruden to say "AA gap blitz" exactly 3 more times than "dummy snap count' in his next broadcast.    The markets realize that TB is effectively eliminated and won't be excited.

319 Browns +6.5 down to +4.  

Another game where you want NO part of the Steelers in the 2nd half here...they are already resting their key starters, and the bench will empty later.  

322 Atl -6.5 up to -7.5

Some Pros played +7 early, but the late money has poured in on ATL.  Frankly, I agree with the ATL money even if it is public money.

324 Mia +10 down to +7.5

We made a video of this one where I gave out Mia +10 as  a play.  Kind of kicking myself for not releasing it as a premium play, but I wanted +10, and the line cratered.  NE was laying -6 AT HOME vs. Balt.  Here they were -9.5 ON THE ROAD at Miami?  That's crazy.  Mia has incentive to try to get the no 5 seed with a win, and a KC loss.

329 Sea -9.5 up to -10.5

I will likely fade this one and take a small piece of SF at post......

On the capping front, I have FIRED on one Sunday morning game, my biggest bet on the early games.  Check back at 11 am PST for possible late game additions!

I am 7-2 in Bowls, and I have a HUGE 3* play on a game MONDAY.  Coming off my Bowl Game Of the Year, Wash/Ala UNDER we look to keep rolling....

Check it out!  And note my Video Pick on the Dolphins is on my home page here:

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Passing on week 17.

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Don't be kicking yourself

Mcgloin-5 pt downgrade. That's bad math Fezz

If you is two time contest champ,surely you know he's been in the league a while and is quite capable-you overreact too much

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Thanks for the insight Fezz. Hopefully Mia can backdoor cover. NE looking like a machine today

- Not a Pro, just a Joe.  Becoming a better bettor with each win.

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Hello peanut. 2017,  enter the dance, or b a troll

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