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Fezzik's Focus: Do we bet Jax OVER 5 wins? (Friday 8/15/14)

Thread Starter Fezzik's Focus: Do we bet Jax OVER 5 wins? (Friday 8/15/14)
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BIG Friday Package is UP!  Two Star NFL total tonight, two bonus plays, 1 star NFL side, 1 star CFL Total.  Off a 5-1 night last night, we are +71 units YTD.

The Jags may have lost the game last night to the Bears, but they pretty much kicked their butts for 55 minutes. 

It appears clear that the 0-8 Jags from last year (where they WERE the WORST Nfl team we have ever seen!) is a distant memory.  Remember, that team was catching a record +28 points @ Denver last year.

They finished 4-4 once they got Henne in there starting, and more and more it appears the horrific play in September could  be blamed on Blaine Gabbert, who was playing with a broken thumb he got in preseason, and later with a lacerated hand with 15 stitches week1.  Gabbert is now with the 49ers playing Clipboard.

On the other hand, the Jags WERE the worst team we ever saw for 1/2 the we factor in how bad they were last year?  Or do we run with more recent form?

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D line looks solid.  DBs look suspect

Still no WR as they are injured right now

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Still look like a mixed bag,could swing either way,wouldnt really like to pull the trigger on this


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Even if Henne was to go down you could expect a chance to win with Bortles.

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Looking at their schedule, they may win some ATS, but SU they're going to need a lot of help from the opposition. to win even 4 games. Cleveland at 6.5 (-140) projected wins is the worse team they're going to play with most everyone else at 7.5 or better. If the QB falters at all or gets hurt this could get real ugly real quick.

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I like the fact they only get 1 playoff team from last year at home out of the 8 games. The road they can squeeze 2 or 3 at most...the hard part is the late weeks they get no easy pushover playoff team resting guys..Id lean a push here.

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I do not base any Futures bets off the 2nd week performance of the Pre Season.....

That said, Week 3 is the dress rehearsal for at least 2 if not 3 quarters with the starting units getting the lions share of the snaps, and if Jax looks like they have it together, it might very well be worth a look at OVER 5 wins.   Chicago played like shit last night...that had a lot to do with it..Jax if I am not mistaken did nort score in the second half....not knocking Fezzik's angle here and thought opinion is I want to see more of the 1st stringers against other first stringers next week and re-assess the win totals.  


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Coming into this season, I was fairly bullish on, or at least intrigued by, all three NFL teams emanating from America's wang,  The Jags topping that list.  But I could definitely see all three of these teams benefiting from playing in, somebody has to win it divisions, and I think a case could be made for all of these teams to pull an over season win total ticket out of their hats somehow this year.  I agree that of these, the Jags present just about the only season win total trigger I would consider tugging.  But I could also see the Bucs pulling it off as well, more so had they opted for something other than McCown to be at the helm.  I'm not so sure Glennon doesn't get back on the field at some point, and I'm not sure he couldn't lead them to an 8 win season.  The Dolphins stock seems to be eroding somewhat, but to say that they are a lost cause is to somewhat suggest that the Bills and Jets have their houses in order and I'm not willing to do that either.  

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FWIW Jacksonville has outscored the opposition 20-0 in the first quarter of the first two games combined. 23-10 in the first half.

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No, both qb's suck, stay away from that

Henne and Bortles. The BEARS qbs also suck , Claussen and Palmer are Complete garbage

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