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NFL Screws up again

Thread Starter NFL Screws up again
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Going to be a long year with this new enforced penalty that they are calling like crazy already.. Can't even breathe on a guy after 5 yards..  Roger Goodell is ruining this pussified league, Every play you can call this 5 yard penalty and automatic first down for the Offense.. This rule is a huge mistake and its being call too much already and it's only preseason!

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What rule is that??

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I have a gut feeling its gunna hurt the sport..but will help the bettors..One thing im taking note of how many extra points this allows per game..might not be big deal..but i agree casey;

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Could be a few 6k passers from drives being constantly extended, lot more scoring IMO. Betting a lot of overs early on until Goodell starts taking heat and tells the refs to back off a bit. Definitely year of the passer from a fantasy perspective.

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Should be good for Overs at least for the first few weeks of the season...1 extended drive with the new rules can make a huge difference in a game..

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heard it was called 58 times last week

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all this talk about more points, extending drives, and subsequent overs because of all these extra penalties have resulted in the over being 4-13 after the first set of preseason games. all the totals were adjusted up compared to last year because of all this talk of extra points and the over hitting at a high percentage last year week 1 preseason and what was the result...yes 4-13 after the first week and 2 of those games needed 20 pt 4th qtrs. to barely go over. Early in the preseason, it would make sense, that there would be more calls as refs try to enforce these new "focus" points but the resulting increase in points and overs has not been shown at least after week 1 of the preseason. until I start seeing over cashing I am not gonna believe it will have any impact except fooling over bettors into thinking more overs will hit especially with the sportsbook adjusting the numbers to the overs then over bettors will think that their position is justified.

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Lube up!!

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