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What does Norv Turner have to do to be fired?

Thread Starter What does Norv Turner have to do to be fired?
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I will make this a multiple choice question:

A. Turn a 14-2 perennial Super Bowl contender into a joke.

B. Help expedite Philip Rivers reregression

C. Allienate an apathetic fan base

D. Coach next weeks game in crotchless Favre jeans.

Dave Essler
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E. All of the above. Perhaps the most under-achieving teams, Dallas aside, in the last decade. However, losing Sprowles, Jackson, et all falls on A.J. Smith and he has to share the credit.

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He has to go 14-2 in order to be fired. LOL

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Madman Producer
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he has to have a face cleanup

Proline 82
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It's bad when a team actually concedes defeat to you and you still can't win. That's exactly what Flacco did, instead of throwing the ball down field on 4th and 29 and hoping for a pass interference call, or one of his receivers making a great catch. Flacco threw a dump off pass to rice which was caught at the line of scrimmage, how it became a first down is simply astonishing. Ravens only had 1 timeout if S.D takes over on downs they kneel 3 times and the game is over. The worst losing bet I've had this year.

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Put the old buffalo neck in some assless chaps

No Limit
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Norv turner is made out of teflon.



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Well the teflon is pitted and needs replacing! lol

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I asked the same question when they hired Him.

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Him over Marty S   WTF

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