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Pregame Emergency Crisis--What Yall are Missing

Pregame Emergency Crisis--What Yall are Missing
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Agreed Mr. Steve & always a pleasure to hear from you....i'd been trying to sit on the sidelines, but the childish drama that was ensuing my absence sent me over my boiling point and i couldnt take it anymore....never been one to bite my tounge & i couldnt stand the direction i saw the forums sliding, so i felt i needed to jump in and say something.....Hardwood season is finally here & always look forward to your B-Ball post....all the best to you Mr. Steve!


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Who the *** does professor donkey think she is? I saw him trying to correct somebodys behavior earlier today. Gtfo dude, stop trying to tell people how to conduct themselves. Worry bout yourself. Sorry guys.

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Much respect ole friend. Tell it like it is. You are an asset to the community. Have a great week

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