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Is Eli a Hall of Famer??

Thread Starter Is Eli a Hall of Famer??
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I just wan to know what everyone thinks? In you're honest opinion. Does Eli deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? 


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Absolutely. 2 rings and maybe more to come.

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No Doubt. Won more titles than Peyton

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Is there any 2 time SB MVP's NOT in the HOF?

Peyton Manning is a lock for the hall of fame.

At some Point, Eli wont need to buy a ticket to get in either!

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You know how many QBs have two or more Super Bowl titles? Just 10. How many QBs are in the Hall of Fame? 31.      Three of the 10 QBs with more than one ring are still playing: Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, and now Eli.. There are plenty of QBs in the Hall that never even won a title.  Eli Manning is a Hall of Fame quarterback  Forget that he’s led his team to two Super Bowls, and won both he also took home the MVP in both games. Eli’s body of work already has him headed down the road to Canton. Assume Eli plays just six more years like big bro – not because of the neck issue with Peyton, but just for comparison’s sake. At Eli’s current career pace, his final numbers will look like this: 50,324 passing yards and 338 TDs. Where do those stats rank all time? Oh, simply fifth overall both in yards and TDs. Even assuming that Drew Brees and Tom Brady surpass him, Eli would still finish seventh in both. Many don’t realize that Eli already ranks 51st in passing yards and 42nd in TDs in just seven and “a half” seasons. But what makes Eli truly special is his late-game heroics.This year, Eli broke the record for most fourth-quarter TD passes with 15. The record previous belonged to his brother Peyton and Johnny Unitas with 14. Taking it a step further, Eli ranks 30th overall in Game-Winning Drives and 21st in Comebacks. It’s safe to say at this rate, Eli will find himself in that same Top Five-to-Seven area by the time he retires.


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Eli is the Manning!

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Am I a porn star?  Peyton has to stand in the shower by himself surrounded by aging actors and Eli gets Jenna, Jessie, and  Ron Jeremy to help him out?

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