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Pod: Fezzik 2016 Football Preview (RJ Bell Interviews)

Thread Starter Pod: Fezzik 2016 Football Preview (RJ Bell Interviews)
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RJ Bell interviews Pregame Pro Steve Fezzik - breaking down the 2016 NFL and College Football season from a betting perspective. Including handicapping tips and free picks. (8/10/2016)

Steve and I will personally answer any questions you may have ...

RJ Bell - Founder & CEO | Twitter: @RJinVegas

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My football strategy is to spend massive time originating in the NFL.

I will be actively handicapping all the teams, watching all the games, and FIRING on EVERYTHING that has value. I expect to have at least one play VERY early each week (Sunday night or Monday morning).  Further, when key information emerges during the week, I will be FIRING in plays based on that. I will also often be playing 1-2 plays at close to post on Sunday, taking advantage of the extra value created by line moves that I disagree with.

I recognize that one cannot be at the computer 24/7 to bet.  I will do my very best to release plays during the week at two times during the day,11pm EST each evening, and noon EST each afternoon. My goal is to balance the fact that my lines often move with the fact that your time is limited. These two release times should allow you to get the best number without heavy effort.

I attack where the key value is. I have always found NFL week1 to be a MONSTER in key edges, and have already fired in 8 bets. During the typical week you might see only 2-3 sides/total but week1 summer lines are very soft, and I have FIRED on them. There’s still value on these games, and you get them all immediately with my
early-bird all-access.

You also get my already released my AFC AND NFC 3* Season Wins bets of the year. I was NOT going to wait and watch the markets move these like crazy, when others see what I see.

I will share Quarters bets or team totals when I see value – over time you will see they are worth getting down on.

Every Thursday Night, Monday night, and often Sunday Night game I will likely have some sort of prop bet/qr bet or opinion on for you to bet, and have an edge. Anyone who followed our dream pod last year knows how profitable those bets were. The only way to get all of these is the all-access sub.

In CFB, I have access to some of the best totals information that is out there, including a pipeline into a guy who specializes in CFB totals, and wins against them every year. Look for 70% of my CFB releases to be on totals released mid-week, where I fully expect we will  get it in very good with numbers that crush the closers.

A typical write up for me IN CFB might well say "We are playing OVER 55 since we make this total 61". I am NOT going to write two paragraphs about all the players that I have no clue about pretending that this is how I am landing on a play.........I am spending almost all my CFB time handicapping my key sources of information, and then playing the plays that I agree with.

32 NFL teams. 10 minutes a day on each.  That's 5.5 hours of NFL only work (and that's to just spend 10 minutes!).

I treat CFB like a mutual fund manager. I might originate a few plays here and there, but the vast majority I get recommended investments from analysts and filter those down to the very best bets.

Having said all this, I actually think there is a great chance my CFB results may be better than my NFL. I’ve never had a losing CFB season at Pregame. The CFB totals market is 'soft' meaning there are many, many lines that will be dealt that are WAY off. My job is to work with the right people, and jump on the mistakes. Many pro bettors I know spend little no time on the NFL explaining 'the edges are just larger in CFB". I have personal access to their plays.

A quick note on my fall schedule.  I live and breathe football. I don't watch movies. I Don't watch any TV that isn't a football game. When I am driving my radio is on Serius XM 88, NFL Football. I read all the Newsletters. I watch many of the Archived condensed NFL Games. I share copious information with many other handicappers and sharps (typically giving them more information in the NFL, getting it in CFB). I have a guy who watches the weather for me weekly and alerts me to weather changes/updates.

On EVERY Prime Time game I am prepping for Props, finding hidden value. I almost always have several prop bets on EVERY Thursday and Monday night game, and I share all that I can with my subscribers. I am locked in on my Computer watching and betting ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday from 7AM PST-8 PM. During live betting I watch the feeds in LOW definition, as this speeds the time I get the information by 3-5 seconds, sometimes allowing me to get in a live bet I couldn't get with the slower High Definition (just a small nugget of what a true Pro bettor has to do to maximize his bets).

I am a HUGE believer in doing everything you can to get the best number. The bet DOES have to cash, but getting the right side at the right number IS my goal each and every week.

If you ARE going to come aboard, please do your best to help us win together. More outs help. Getting down near by 2 release times help.

We will have plenty of really good bets. My lifetime top-rated 3* record at Pregame is 101-67. I will give you line tolerances, and you will see some huge line moves that often occur days after my CFB totals releases. It will not be uncommon for me to release a game OVER 55, see it go to 56 in the next 10 minutes, then go to 60 on game day.  

As a professional, it's not about fun for me. It's about winning. I will do everything I can to make that happen. And ultimately, WINNING at the end of a game, and more importantly, at the end of the season is VERY fun.  

I have won EVERY year at Pregame, with some pretty good variance! I won over 100 units in 2014, in 2015 I won only a few units.  I don't want give anyone the impression that winning at sports betting is easy. However, I have EVERY expectation that we will win given you do your part to assist me during the season in your own betting.
My Early-Bird All-Access Football Subscription is your best deal to win along with me. It ends soon.

Steve Fezzik - Only 2-Time SuperContest Champion | @FezzikSports

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Great job guys.

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Ralph Michaels
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Great job.

You never stop learning as I was completely unaware that the "home team" in London games have extra time commitments.

Make sure you listen to Fezz talk about line moves in the 39 minute mark!

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I really think those London "HOME GAMES" are a huge negative.  Given this, I think the Rams, the Bengals, and the Jaguars have MUCH more difficult schedules than the pure numbers indicate....

Steve Fezzik - Only 2-Time SuperContest Champion | @FezzikSports

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Great stuff!  Thanks RJ and Steve

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IN the podcast I talk about a unique number the Westgate is dealing.  It's the 42.5 they have on the Clev/Philly game.  Listen to the podcast to see what that means.....

Steve Fezzik - Only 2-Time SuperContest Champion | @FezzikSports

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Steve i just purchased last week a handicappers package for cfb and nfl am i able to switch it over to you

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I would encourage you not to over react to any one week of results.   Good cappers can and do have bad weeks, I likely will have 3 or more over the course of a 17 week NFL season.

If you do want to switch contact

Steve Fezzik - Only 2-Time SuperContest Champion | @FezzikSports

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You have a guy who just watches the weather?

Whatever you pay him I will do it for half!

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