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Received a payment from  Bovada yesterday for 925.20. Went to deposit it into my Bank of America ATM(bovada's website specifically says deposit checks into ATM) and it would not take it, tried four times. So, deposited it into the overnight deposit box.

This morning I received a call from Bank of America stating that the check was a Canadian check in Canadian dollars and that they had to convert it to American Dollars, and that the exchange rate was .96 something, and after converting it,the check only came out to 889.11. So, I was shorted $36.09. I emailed Bovada and got a response saying payouts may be charged certain fees by banks, and that it isn't Bovada's fault. My problem with that is that my bank isn't charging me a fee. They are simply converting Canadian dollars into American.

I call Bovada to get my point across that this isn't a fee, and I think they should have to take care of this. They insist it is a fee, and keep me reading responses accordingly. I then get my point across, and they put me on hold for 5 minutes. They then contest the conversion fee that my bank gave me, and said it's only a $25 difference. Ok, fine. They still wouldn't do anything about the $25 dollars though. I was polite for the whole situation until the end of the conversation when the lady asked if she could help me with anything else, to which i replied "that implies that you have already helped me with something, which you haven't."

In the end, it's $36.09 and really not that big of a deal. My life will continue. I didn't expect them to moneygram me $36, but they could have put it my Bovada account as cash. Instead, they continued to insist that it was my fault because "I was not educated on the payout policy".  In my opinion, it's just another example of their poor customer service.

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Hello astro_not86,

We’re sorry to hear about your recent experience and we’d be happy like to look into it further for you. Please PM us your account details (either your Bovada Account number, or your email address) and we'll have someone contact you tomorrow morning.

If anyone else has any questions about their accounts, please feel free to add us as a friend and let us know.

Best regards,

Bovada Service

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Don't hold your breath...their customer service is non existent. All the reputable books use Moneygram and WU, and while Bovada lists it as an option, they refuse to utilize it. Another example of Bovada's mission statement that they are doing you a favor by allowing you to be their customer, not the other way around.

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I stopped using them that's all they do is lie .if you scroll down in this forum you will see I was one of the first ones to bring this to light.

Afrter they changed from Bodog at least you got payed i gave up after weeks and weeks .

Finally did just what they wanted and lost it all on another play.

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name should be "BLOWVADA" !!!

at least you got something! i would say take your cash and run!


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Yup  Everyone said when They switched to Bovada They were the same people. If they were they did a 180 degree turn for the worse when They switched names.

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That guy did contact me. Told me I would need to send a bank statement with the check on it, and they would put the difference in my account. Fine, but it's $30 bucks. My average bet on their site is about 100, so what am i going to do with the 30? either bet a parlay that I wouldn't do otherwise. Or, let it set in there till they have some good futures come up.

My online bank statement does not have the check image on it, like they normally do. Probably because it's a foreign check, or they had to convert it? Idk. Got an e-mail in seeing if they would even take it then. Whatever

I'm really turned off by the whole experience. I emailed, I was told I was wrong and didnt know the rules. Call and told the same thing. Then I get on a forum and tell the story and now they are interested in helping me? It's insulting. Nothing in my story changed. Their CS truly is awful. Anyway, that's that. BOL everyone.

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This is absolutely hilarious. Did you not bother to look up the actual CAD/USD exchange rate? If you're telling the truth at all, you must realize that BOA hosed you, not Bovada.

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Interesting you joined pregame just to post that. Thanks for the kind words, though.

The point of this forum section is to give feedback on sportsbooks, so that's what I did here. B of A actually fixed the problem and put the 36.09 in my account. I guess after it cleared, they could see it was in American Dollars. Idk.

To say it's all the bank's fault is wrong, though. If you are going to post on your website "deposit the check into your bank's atm", then the check should be able to deposited into an ATM. Since I couldn't deposit there, had to give it to the tellers, and they seemed to be confused by it. It was a weird looking check. Just my thoughts.

Sorry for the confusion, but this is actually the truth of what happened. Just sharing experiences.

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