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Scotty's 5* Best Sat CBB - La-Tech & RECAP

Thread Starter Scotty's 5* Best Sat CBB - La-Tech & RECAP
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I like Louisiana Tech -7 at Old Dominion a lot tomorrow. It opened at -5 and right now it's –7. They score a ton of points and they lost their last game to East Carolina because they just didn't take them seriously or they were high on In-and-Out Hamburgers, but probably the first concept. That loss has caused those in the know/media to believe or at least voice that La-Tech might miss the NCAA Tourney. The Bulldogs lost that opportunity last year in a brain meltdown (more like a brain-f**k)  to New Mexico State when they were in the WAC. The Bulldogs know they screwed up and even if they win the next four games, their post-season is up in the air. 
La-Tech, 9-3 conference, averages 84 points per game.
Old Dominion, 7-5 conference, averages 63
I look for a huge effort by Louisiana Tech tomorrow.
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good luck Scotty

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By the way, even though I focus primarily on the western conferences, last year La-Tech was in the WAC and we made a boatload of money on them and I still follow them. For a multiple of reasons, this Bulldog team scores a lot of points. They don't always score a boatload, but after a loss they've knuckled down and played it down and dirty. I don't do or rarely do "Games of the Year," but if I did, this one would certainly tempt me. I like the idea that La-Tech knows they have to kick ass from here on out.

check the stats and get back to me with your comments, please.

LT is the top line and OD is the bottom.

Conf. w/l ppg rpg apg fg% ft% 3's% stls blks TO 3M/AT and FTA/FTM
9-3 84 40 16 46 69 32 9 5 11 204/628 & 482/712
7-5 63 36 10 42 61 31 6 4 14 131/426 & 370/605

Good luck.

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I'm on it..


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I like La Tech A LOT too. I grabbed it at 6 which I am stoked about. We ride together my friend. BOL

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La tech may cuse serious damage in the dance...I like it Scotty..ur spot on here.

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Couldn't have been high on In N Out Hamburgers because they were in North Carolina.

The great In N Out is a West Coast chain.

Perhaps it was collard greens, fried chicken and Sweet Tea they were sluggish on

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But I follow ODU and they are gunna get housed by La Tech

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'Much respect for your work Scotty...


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