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CBB Friday!!

Thread Starter CBB Friday!!
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Princeton -3 - W

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JR ODonnell
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all the best ....currently on a 1064 938 + 55.85 units a 100 $ bettor + 5585 since 01/01/2014 All Sports Run & a 315-241 3* 56%  ..NOW WE KEEP THE HAMMER DOWN  ......  let's do this... AS THE DRIVE FOR 200 Units IS ON!!!!!!!! 

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"No man ever reached to excellece in any one art or profession without having passed through the slow and painful process of study and preparation     fyi...   Jump on the O Train www.

  Image result for thanks a million to all... ABSOLUTE LAST DAY TO GRAB THE OSTER FOR EARLY BIRD FOOTBALL with the 50 $ bonus today.  WWW.JRODONNELL.COM drops to 40$$ Wednesday


3* NFL HOF 3* CFB =up ....pass today the paid /members up

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GL RIles

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BOL tonight Riles

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