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Is Hawaii better than we thought?

Thread Starter Is Hawaii better than we thought?
Ken Thomson
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I'm not sure if Hawaii is better than I thought or if St. Mary's is not as good as I thought.  For the second straight night the Rainbow Warriors were in a dog fight and found a way to not only cover the plus 2 1/2 points but win outright on a Standhardinger baseline jumper with 1.4 seconds left in regulation.  For the second straight night the Gaels found a way not only to not cover but lose outright.  Boise State blew out South Carolina tonight...the same Boise State team that lost at home two weeks ago to this same St. Mary's team.  Sometimes it's tough to watch a game you think you have handicapped right fall short.  I will stay away from the Gaels until they prove they can win away from home.  Kudos to Hawaii....they could be dominant in the Big West at home!

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Depends if they allow 1 Hawaii player to shoot more free throws than your whole team although I do not think the Gaels are much.

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It's all good Ken.......keep up the good work

No Wasabi
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Ken, I live in Hawaii and I can tell you this...After seeing our football team stick it up, the morale/hopes are extremely high for our basketball program. There were some problems with Gibb Arnold during his first year, but it seems like his current players are getting a long a lot better with him.  More so, Hawaii does play well at home, especially when it's a packed house!

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No, ask Gordon.

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I think ST Marys is not as good as many thought . I have been on a decent streak in CBB as well the past two weeks . ST Marys has stung me two days in a row . I agree with you . Will be staying away from them for a while . BOL Ken and keep up the good work

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to me something looked wrong with Waldo, I viewed both games and had St Marys as well. In the 1st game I couldn't tell if he was sick or hungover he wasn't moving around without the ball underneath and left them to rely on their outside game. The same thing happened last night although he played a lot better he was still wasnt looking for the ball as much as he should have. They adjusted to the trap well in the second half but could  never get anything established inside the officiating seemed biased St. Marys couldn't get over the early foul trouble and couldn't stop Hawaii's  inside game Thats "Home cooking"  for you

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yes Hawaii at home tomorrow is a winner!!

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