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Thanks to players

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Ken Thomson
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Guys & Gals,

Just wanted to thank all of you that have come on board for the CBB Season and to all those who have bought any of my plays.  It is great to be part of a collection of sharp sports minds that enjoy a common passion.  I will always give my best effort and although that sounds cliche, I hate ever losing anybody's money.  After doing my radio show, I go right to my studying of games and updating radio & Pregame Websites.  May all of you have an Outstanding Christmas Season!!......Thanks Again!!

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This! Class act. Keep up the profits!

Jeff Scott Sports
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Very Classy Ken. Keep up the great work. Have a great holiday season.

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JR ODonnell
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super job Ken.... Props !!!!! keep the pedal down ....currently on a 219 158-8 + 69 units a 100$ bettor + 6900 since 01/01/2014 All Sports Run & a 55-31-3 3* 64% run ..NOW WE KEEP THE HAMMER DOWN  ......  let's do this...


 thanks and let's get there !!!!!!!!! 

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 be well guys the JJJ Oster


Johnny Detroit
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Have to love a small favorite winning by double digits :)

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Bama man
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Some very strong dime bets. Great calls Ken. I am trying to figure out when to fire but I am also learning playing most games for the same amounts average out much better long term. Best to you and your family for Christmas and let's keep it rolling in the New Year. It looks like Fl Gulf Coast may be pretty good this year. Any opinion on them?

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Great win last night.........Thanks from Texas

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Keep it going Ken......your radio show is great as well as your picks!

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