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CBB 2/24

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Rough, rough day yesterday.  Went 2-5 overall, but it was how I lost that really frustrated me.  Alabama blows a 10 point lead in the final 3 minutes of regulation?  With 24 seconds to go in the first OT, Texas A&M holds a 4 point lead.  The Tennessee player who receives the ball goes coast to coast for an unconstested layup??? An uncontested layup in that situation?  Horrible.  Then, I suffer the backdoor beat in the Florida-Arkansas game.  Other losers were TCU and Eastern Kentucky.  Winners were Georgetown and Oklahoma.  Sorry for the rant.

Something tells me that Bill Self played his starters way too long Saturday and KU will pay for it tomorrow night.  Just a hunch right now.

Going to scale back to just one play today:  Michigan State +3 at Ohio State.

BOL today everyone!

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Rough one for me too bud, good luck today.



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BOL to you today RM

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RM, I FEEL your Pain! I Lost 2 of My BIG Plays by a friggin' 1/2 pt. Let's Start A Fresh Run Today Bud! GL!

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