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Introducing Myself To This Great Community!!!

Introducing Myself To This Great Community!!!
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Hey, Sonny, do you think the Sacramento Kings will move to Seattle? Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson is pulling out all the stops to try to keep the team in Sac.  He's trying to find local businessmen to buy out the Maloof bros.  What do you hear up north?  Oh, also, welcome !!!

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  all the best SS ....currently on a 566 494 + 61 units a 100 $ bettor +6100 since 01/01/2014 All Sports Run & a 171-114-4 3*   ..NOW WE KEEP THE HAMMER DOWN  ......  let's do this... AS THE DRIVE FOR 100 U IS ON!!!!!!!! 

 thanks and let's get there !!!!!!!!! 

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  Jump on the O Train www.

 7/30 day super sets  as you can grab the Oster  ...    fyi....7/30 packs...nice !!!! &

  We closed the 2013/2014 season out on a 37-17 run 69% & currently 90-59-1 61% as of 11/24. CFB rolling ... let's go looks to roll this football/hoops season... 

 let's win 

 thanks to all JRO

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They are going ape shit about it up here. I hear it is a done deal and papers were signed and the Maloof's gave up their majority share. I also heard a record price was paid. So from what I know, the Supersonics -I understand we are getting our old name back- will be playing here in 2013.

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Welcome Sonny.  Best of luck.  

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See what I mean? Thanks to everyone for your nice welcome. Hey Madman, after learning I do not know anything, I would be a liar to tell you I can specialize in any sport. Hell man, this is the first year of my 54 on this planet that I will finally understand what March Madness is all about. But I am a quick study and like Vegas Runner says, you don't have to be a great handicapper, just surround yourself with people who are, hence my reaching out to all of you. Am sure that together, we can all make money. So thanks again everyone!

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I would go ape shit if I lived in Vegas

This might be my favorite post on this thread.

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Self-awareness is an admirable place to start any introduction, especially one involving sports handicapping.  A wise person proclaimed, 'The primary lesson learned from Decades of study was the overwhelming sense of how much he DID NOT know'.  Looking forward to your contributions.  

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LOL....that IS Bruno, Sonny. I have a rescue and rehome Aviary here in Canada. I also have a couple of greenwings....Birdtalk, eh? I am just looking through an old edition right now...

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Welcome aboard Sonny and best of luck to you.  I'll be looking for your future plays here.

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I again want to thank everyone for their warm welcome. And BB, I love that bird. Bruno and I are buddies already. Hyacinths are sweet, sweet birds. Expensive too. That I can remember for sure, I had an article in the December of 1995 issue, and two more over the next couple of years, been a long time. That little dog pictured with me in the avatar, he is a little rescue job I brought home from Europe. True story, he was named Quillo (an Andalusian word for boy) by a Spanish girl named Macarena. LOL... thanks and good luck everybody.

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