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Bruno's Best Bets (N26) Eagles' TT Added/FINAL

Thread Starter Bruno's Best Bets (N26) Eagles' TT Added/FINAL
Bruno Bets
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Argos rock! Very small slate today, so there will only be these two games. Likely also play the 1st Half in each for half of a half. Oakland plus a dozen almost made it. Get 'em, Pregamers!

Georgia State -3½ (-110) ~ Early losses to Duke and BYU should serve them well here.
Loyola Maryland -13 (-120)

Georgia State -1½ (-115) 1st Half ~ Terrible start with GSU 0/8 from distance. Adding GSU -4 (-110) 2nd Half.

Loyola Maryland -7 (-110) 1st Half

Oakland +12½ (-120) ~ I'll call this the Three Amigos' Collaboration, as it was going to just miss my card.


Philadelphia Eagles Over 18½ (-115) ~ I have to believe that Foles can lead the Eagles to a TD and a FG in each half. This is a funny one in that the Eagles' numbers are actually a bit better than the Cats' in Pass and Run offense and defense, yet they are a home dog? I expect, at the very least, that Cam will direct some scoring drives and that a late "garbage" score should ensure this one.

Total field goals made in the game

Over 3½ field goals (+125) ~ Hoping for one outta the Panthers.

JR ODonnell
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ALL THE BEST BIG B ....currently on a 767 657 + 85.5 units a 100 $ bettor +8550 since 01/01/2014 All Sports Run & a 227-157 3*   ..NOW WE KEEP THE HAMMER DOWN  ......  let's do this... AS THE DRIVE FOR 200 Units IS ON!!!!!!!! 

 thanks and let's get there !!!!!!!!! 

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 be well all JRO!!!!!!


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Bruno Bets
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May hit the "play" list, JRO'. I had the Grizz "that" close and both you and Steve like 'em. Think I will add them. Get 'em, gents!

No Limit
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BOL bruno, almost played georgia st myself.



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Raph P
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BOL Bruno

Bruno Bets
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Thanks, guys. Small slate we need to maximize profits on. Get 'em!

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Good pick on the argos bruno.The worst i have seen the stamps play all year.Humble pie always tastes a little dry in the morning.Keep up the good work.

Bruno Bets
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Thanks, Jimmy.....stand up guy. Justin Beiber ruined the game for me.....LMAO

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Best of luck Bruno & GET MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

(Keep up the good work)


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Good luck this week Bruno.


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