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Greg Shaker
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Gosh, there is so much to cover with CBB and why it offers your Best Opportunity to Gain Bankroll Profit. But too many people who bet this sport don't have the tools to beat it consistantly because they simply cannot adjust to "what is going on now," instead of what usually happens now, before, later.

Maybe this is confusing to many but let me make it more clear. I divide the CBB Season into 6 "Mini" Seasons and they all offer their own characteristics. There are certain things that happen to these 17-22 year olds during the season and the teams for which they play. Knowing how they mature and why they mature is Paramount for beating this sport.

We are going to talk about that today and I have specifically chosen Friday to do so. Why? Because I am just Too Damn Busy on Bigger CBB Days to do so.

We are going to also talk about what makes a Team a Good Road Warrior, and we are going to talk about how CBB Totals vary from the early part of the season and how to capitalize on this with Halftime, "Both 1st and 2nd" Plays.

OMG there is so much more!! Hopefully we do this next week as well. I don't know everything, but I play somebody on the Internet that claims he does. I am diving back into the handicapping for now but soon I will have an actual conversation between Mrs Shaker and I...

I will be back LIVE from 5:30-6:30pm ET to follow up to any questions or discussions that you might have as well so please ask if you have any..

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Looking forward to it!

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Go Shaker Go!!

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With football over at Pregame we have lined up FIVE PREGAME PROS to each take a day next week to host a thread breaking down the basketball season, give out handicapping tips and field your questions!

Each day a Pro will take over with a new thread and put it up bright and early filling it with great tips on betting hoops and opening up the floor to a general discussion from the Pregame Community. Between 5:30-6:30pm ET that Pregame Pro will be in the thread LIVE to talk basketball with everyone!

The current schedule:

Monday: Talk Basketball Live with Vegas Runner!
Tuesday: Talk Basketball Live with Joe Gavazzi!
Wednesday: Talk Basketball Live with Scott Spreitzer
Thursday: Talk Basketball Live with Mike Hook!
Friday: Greg Shaker

So, who will start off the Friday discussion?

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Mr. Shaker,

How are you doing sir? Is your first play that you released this morning a double dime bet or a triple dime bet? You labeled it a double dime bet near the rotation number, but at the end of your writeup you said that you are playing it for 3%. Please clarify. Thanks.

Mr. Mendez

Greg Shaker
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3% Mr Mendez. It has been corrected. Thanks for alert on that..

Jeff Scott Sports
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Hey Greg always respect the work you do. I have 2 questions. I know above you said you will talk some totals, but can you give me a break down or anatomy of what goes into a totals play for you. What stats you feel are more important in these plays than others and such.

Secondly. I know there has been talk about tired legs (mostly in the NBA right know) but what end of the floor do you think it would hurt most? Shooting the ball or playing defense. I did make 2 Under plays in the NBA tonight due mainly because of tired legs as I feel the teams will not shoot well or push tempo as much, but can't it also hurt the defensive end as well.

Thanks in advance to your feedback.

I also wanted to say no disrespect to Mike Hook, but his thread was the only one I didn't enter a question to, but it was not done on purpose. I repect the BIG BOY work Mike has done here at Pregame, it's just that yesterday got away from me a bit and I was a little too busy.

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Greg Shaker
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Mrs Shaker: "Mr Shaker (She often refers to me as such out of respect and because she's a Smartass), did I just see you bet 27 CBB 1st Half UNDERS just now?!?!? What the Hell are you doing??

Greg Shaker: "Remember that Diamond and Saphire Bracelet you got for V Day last year?"

Mrs Shaker: "Oh yeah! Go Greg Go!! Would you like me to make you some Blueberry Muffins?"

Greg Shaker: "Sure."

I will have more on the above and I promise, that conversation really did happen. (smile)

Back to work and back later here..

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Do you think it is true that there are reduced oppurtunities for "spot" plays in CBB?  A few pros have voiced this sentiment recently and I don't follow closely enough to form an independent opinion (NBA capper here).  Please advise. Thank you.  

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