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Fade the pregame pros free picks box and make $$$

Thread Starter Fade the pregame pros free picks box and make $$$
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I never blindly play free picks from anyone, but I do like to see where the pros come out. Then i noticed a trend that i have recently cashed in on. Are they just throwing out a random play for the free section? The free picks are clear fade material! Love the work the guys at pregame do, but the free picks section is like throwing darts at the card and writing a half assed write up. I dont have the figures in front of me but going back to the start of football fading these free picks is easily over 55%. During postseason NCAA over the past couple weeks it has easily above 65%. Just an observation of mine. I doubt I'm alone on this. 

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That's a pretty wide generalization. Last week I tallied 6 Pregame Pros free picks that I like to follow, going back to the last date on their pick pages at that time, and found they were cumulatively hitting 59-60% on about 175-200 selections. So the key is to filter through which guys to follow at the right time. Again, that's some broad brush-strokes you're painting with.

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Just checked my last 100 Picks. 4 FREE Plays. 3-1 75%. BOOM Shaka Laka.

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THAT STATEMENT IS  BS  !!!  I wont speak for any of RJ PEOPLE  and I  am not in  RJ BELL   STABLE but   why would any of them want to give out a free pick they think wont win   I give out free picks to my e- mail list everyday  and  I WANT THEM TO GET  A good pick  because if all I DO IS 50%  do you think anyone will want a  10*  play  even if it is pay after you win    NO they wont  .

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  I cap the card daily starting @ 4:30am and my free plays are certainly not throw away plays by any means, I have a free play daily and will continue to do so as I love to win for the forum !!!  

be well my friend    

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it's pretty simple...if you don't agree with the pick, don't play it.  

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You'll be making a mistake if you fade shaker

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I can tell ya one thing I noticed, a pick by shaker, if he plays for instance a cbb total, and the line goes opposite, fade his pick.   It doesn't happen often, but it's $$.  

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Dave Mailnskys Point Blank In the Sights basketball picks have been dribbling away dollars.   Since November 1, 2016 those plays are winning at less than 40%.  Red Birds tonight was another one that bit the dust.  Always thougtful analysis,  but on the hardwood those plays have missed the target.

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if all I DO IS 50% do you think anyone will want a 10* play
that's on a good week your 50%

uncle vito record cfb (roughly 51%now )after 7-3 bowl games

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