Take: 545 NC GREENSBORO +12.5

I’m of the very strong belief that motivation is the key to winning the opening round matchups in the minor college basketball tournaments. That being the case, I’m opting to side with what will clearly be the second best team on the court tonight at the Carrier Dome.

On paper, Syracuse can name the score here as they’re far more talented than Greensboro. But the Orange thought they were going to be participating in the main event, and instead are hosting a nobody from the Southern Conference. It’s therefore not a spot where ‘Cuse figures to be highly motivated. It’s also spring break at Syracuse so the Carrier Dome won’t be nearly as noisy and intimidating as would be the case under normal conditions.

Plus, there’s the Greensboro comments last week by Jim Boeheim. He took a shot at the city by offering that the ACC should not be playing its tournament there and should be in a more major major market locale. Highlighted quote: “There’s no value in playing in Greensboro. I’m saying this because I don’t give a shit. That’s what’s right.” Gotta love Boeheim.

Meanwhile, even though UNC-Greensboro has nothing to do with the ACC, the coach and the team are taking the comments personally and they are definitely heading to Syracuse with a chip on their collective shoulders. If ‘Cuse gets interested in this game, I might be in trouble, but I simply have to take double with Greensboro here.


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