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The reason some of us veterans end up getting out of this industry is you get so tired of people bitching every time they lose a bet!  FYI- no on goes record in CBB is ( 58-29-3 ) this CBB Season...good enough to have made the clients that know my track record in CBB pretty good coin....problem is that some people pick & choose when they want to play and which picks u put up that they want to put $$ on....For instance there were a couple who I know bought on Wednesday and didn't like G-Tech plus 9 at home vs. Florida State and when they saw line go to 10- 10  1/2 they stayed off the Yellow Jackets--no's your $$...but don't bitch when the next day's play pushes the early overnight line and you end up losing... first off if you laid 3  1/2 tonight without buying half point, it's not smart...if you can buy 1/2 point to key number in hoops or football, I do the end of the day, I try to hit every game and when I go to board and see freaking whining by guys who should know the business it's a joke.....if you don't want to play the play don't but the reason you buy the plays is because we know more than you do and have connections you don't have...those are facts...if you don't have bank roll to weather a couple losses or pushes STOP's only a small percentage of my clients that do this but it's freaking annoying as hell- I work 85 -90 hours a week during football season -through March Madness so trust me work ethic is there!!

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Ken, I hear what you are saying, and I am not in the pick selling or posting industry. At the end of the day I make my plays and it's my money, not someone else who is being affected. That being said, I think you guys who do sell plays should know that it comes with the territory that people are going to bitch no matter what you do. You could hit 15 in a row, and then someone decides, hey this guy is on fire let me play his next play huge. Well that guy probably wasn't in on the other 15, then bets his rent money all on the one play, and if it loses he has to take it out on someone for his own stupidity in bankroll management. That is the biggest issue that most people can't grasp, and why they lose long term. You will never satisfy those people.

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