A miss with the Pistons as the Tuesday comp. There’s talent on that team, but the nagging tendency to ignore playing defense on a far too frequent basis is going to have Detroit on the outside looking in come playoff time. Tonight’s call is on the college side.


Take: 567 IOWA STATE +8.5

Baylor is looking like a serious contender to be playing basketball on the final weekend of the season. The Bears have been a dominant entry, and really don’t appear to have any true liabilities.

But Iowa State is far from being a pushover, and I expect the Cyclones to be about as focused as it gets tonight. This is a team with five senior starters and I’m quite sure the four straight losses absorbed at the hands of the Bears the last two years is more than a minor irritation for every member of the team.

I think this game is going to be a real battle. Solving that Baylor defense won’t be an easy task for the Cyclones. But don’t sleep on this underdog, as they’ve got some pretty impressive numbers of their own.

Baylor is clearly the rightful favorite in this game. But I see the number as being generous enough to make a case for the dog, as I just don’t see the Cyclones getting blown out in a game they want badly. I’ll opt to take the points with Iowa State tonight.


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