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Which Conference Tournament are you most looking forward to watching?

Thread Starter Which Conference Tournament are you most looking forward to watching?
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Being from NC I always look forward to watching and attending the ACC tournament. In recent years though I would have rather watched the Big East tourney in MSG. This year I can't wait for the ACC. The top 4 teams could have some great games (UVA,Cuse,UNC,Duke). Followed by the Big 12 and Big 10. Both of these conferences are deeper than the ACC but like I said big time semi finals and finals games lie in the ACC tournament. No Cinderella team has a chance there. What are your opions and why?

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Big 12, its the deepest conference, and I expect to see some crazy finishes and upsets..

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with Davidson knocked off, western Carolina has good chance to take down Wofford for the southern title....its not great basketball, but its hometown stuff

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Big 10.... Weird to say this but if osu makes it through the first round, osu/Nebraska will be must watch bball...

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Right now it's the West Coast Conference, but the Pac 12 should be a crazy shootout with maybe 4 or 5 teams able to win it all.

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Gotta be the ACC for me, but I agree that the P12 will likely offer up some surprises...

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A10, but I am a homer. Been killing it capping that conference this year. Specialization is key I guess...

Growing up in the Northeast I loved the Big East and A10 but post-split I am all about the basketball centric conferences and the atheist in me secretly roots against the Big East Catholic.

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The Big East, but mainly bc I'll be at MSG for the first round. The A10 or Big 12 otherwise, bc I think they're going to be very competitive.

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A10 is going to be great...super competitive

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ACC I mean are there 4 better teams in another conference then Cuse Duke UVA and UNC?

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