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"Must Win Humpday"--SEC Tip-Off--*Bonus Conf. USA*

"Must Win Humpday"--SEC Tip-Off--*Bonus Conf. USA*
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Good luck tonight Griff

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I like it Griff.  Thanks for sharing like always!  Get Money!

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Good luck Griff and riding UTEP with ya!!!!!

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Must hump on winsday,especially after going over that curvy analysis.  Ill have to tip the hooker an extra 100 to say no so i can enjoy it more

Like the bama play, but i see RBF points on it.  I think i will put single play on game and double it up like the grocery bag i use for a rubber on the first half.

Happy huntin and BOL gents!

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Hahaha, Redneck is the Man!

Thanks for swooping through Casey, Russ, & Halo, hope yall have a plus money night!

Just talked to one of my customers who happens to be a huge Ole Miss Alumni and fan (he actually threw aboout a 3 week hissy fit/grudge on me a couple years a go when i told him a dirty Ole Miss joke that referenced how bad they were in football that year) and we were talking about how Murphy Holloway has been non-existent on the boards as of late & he told me to look for a big game out of him tonight, since he is from South Carolina and will be playing in front of family tonight, plus he practiced some with this South Carolina team when he had left Ole Miss to enroll at S.C. to be closer to his baby girl, but then he changed his mind and came back to that could be the extra motivation we need to  back the Rebels tonight....S.C. should continue to get dominated in the paint for the rest of the season and this would be a great spot for Murphy Holloway to resume dominace in the Paint.....still contemplating this move, but wanted to pass the info a long


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Great F pictures... with those kind of ladies hanging around, one can't lose!!!! LOL

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HAHA, They'd sure make it easier to take a loss at leass huh Mason....Best your way tonight!


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You did write-ups TOO? Will take another look but Must Concentrate. GL tonight Griff!

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