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Introducing Myself To This Great Community!!!

Thread Starter Introducing Myself To This Great Community!!!
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Hello everyone. As you can see I am from Seattle. I first heard of Pregame last summer -just before college football- through the local ESPN affiliate. I have since become a site devotee and daily I crawl/wade through all the posts and watch/listen to all the videos and podcasts. I have been a sport's bettor -I now know I was a square the whole time- pretty much my whole life. In 1992, I moved to Las Vegas with a 53k bankroll.  4 weeks later I had 67k. 8 weeks after that I was down to 9k and I was smart enough to take the next bus out of town while I still had a little something. Point is, been there, done that. It wasn't until Pregame that I began to learn a little something. I cannot believe how fucking stupid I was!!!

So thanks Pregame for teaching me a little something, and I am so happy I get a chance to be a part of this awesome community. Thanks to all for everything!!!

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Good Luck SS.

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Welcome to the Pregame family!

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Luck is for the unprepared

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Welcome, tell us a little of what sports you see yourself the best at, and what teams you follow and cap the most

welcome aboard- feel free to chime in on the threads

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Welcome and Good Luck, Sonny....

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Welcome SS! Yeah, After Being on Here For Awhile it'll Do That to Ya' (Make You Realize that You Was No Where Close to Being As Sharp As You THOUGHT You Were)! GL!

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Welcome n GL

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Hey Bruno. Is that your Hyacinth Macaw? I have raised many birds, had a greenwing macaw once... I wrote several stories that were published in Bird Talk back then. I love birds.

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I would go ape shit if I lived in Vegas

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