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CBB SAT Big Card | Utah Utes at #19 Oregon Ducks

CBB SAT Big Card | Utah Utes at #19 Oregon Ducks
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Good call guys, I followed you guys on Utah and I dont usually play college hoops, not only did I get 13 pts but I accidently bet it twice because my battery died on my computer earlier and when Windows asked me if I want to restore my last browsing session I clicked yes, not knowing that it was going to refresh the last bet page and put a duplicat bet in.

Anyhow, good job and thanks for the detailed breakdown....

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Good Call on Utah.  Makes up for a bad call on Detroit Titans

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Thanks, guys
Correct that Detroit Half-Unit leaner failed
Taking our +1.87 Unit Day * w/a few lbs of Salt as always...
Onward we go.

2-2 | +2.36 UNIT Day *
W Utah +12½ (2.37 U)
W Stan +8 To Wzu +15½ Tzr (+0.74 U)
L Detroit - Pick-Em (-0.50 U)
L Ole Miss +255 (-0.25 U)

Thought Process behind Detroit Play?
Titans Conference Game Efficiency Differential still Leaped off Page
Especially vs a Team like Green Bay, that didn’t always handle qwik teams well
Detroit also 2ND most experienced Team in Horizon

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Yes, good call on Utah!  Thought maybe they were gonna win straight up for awhile!

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