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I like the Beach to keep this one close!

Dave Essler
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Maybe so. I took the SoCal ML fairly early and if it get's to +9 I can assure you I will take the points, too. Might even at +8.5 but would rather the push option at a semi-key number.

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Of any big win we have had, or winning streak, or even coming out of a losing streak, this is more important:

Some forum posters have broken into the industry and have achieved moderate success while carrying themselves with professionalism and integrity. Dave Essler, of the pick-selling site Pregame, immediately comes to mind.

I still want to know if all these people on Twitter and Pick-Selling sites claim to have beaten up books for years, I would think there would be no places left to place wagers.

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Dave Essler = one smart dude (wife may disagree)

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Look out for Friday... North Carolina will visit the Pyramid in Long Beach.  It will be a madhouse!!  GO BEACH !!  


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