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CBB Sunday...Card Final!!!

Thread Starter CBB Sunday...Card Final!!!
Jeff Scott Sports
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Just Brutal Yesterday, But we press on. Sorry no time for writeup on the first play. I ma have writeups when adding plays.



Manhattan/ Loyola Over 131.5: (Added) Manhattan's home games have averaged just 130.8 ppg on the year, but in their last 5 home games that numbers swells to 145.4 ppg. The Jaspers have been a good scoring team at home as they have averaged 70 ppg overall and 72.2 ppg in their MAAC conference home games.  Loyola is not used to playing high scoring games and they do have an excellent defense, but lately that defense has faultered some on the road as they have allowed 77.5 ppg in their last 2 away from home. Loyola Has averaged 66.6 ppg on the road this year, but that is slightly higher in their last 5 away from home as they have averaged 67.7 ppg in those games, while the Jaspers come in allowing 75.23 ppg in their last 3 at home. This is still an important game in the MAAC as the winner here will most likely grab the second seed in the MAAC tourney and with this being the last regular season game for both teams, i expect both to hold nothing back here. It should also be a close game and that should have us lookinjg at a FT battle down the stretch. This one may hit 140.



Ohio State/ Wisconsin Over 120.5: Google News Play. The Badger defense may be tiring a bit down the stretch, especially on the road, where they have allowed 68 ppg in their last 2 road games. Now they face an Ohio State squad that has averaged 75.2 ppg overall and 77.8 ppg at home on the year. I really feel that OSU can get at least 65 in this one. On the other side we have a Badgers squad that has put up 66 and 65 points in their last 2 games, so the offense may be opening up a bit. The Badgers do average just 59.7 ppg on the road and while OSU has allowed just 54.7 ppg at home overall, they have allowed 69.7 ppg in their last 3 games at home. I see the Badgers as having an excellent shot at 60 points in this one. This game should finish at 125 or higher, with both teams scoring in the 60's in this one.

Indiana/ Minnesota Under 138.5: No writeup on this one. Sorry.



North Texas +10.5 over DENVER: When I originally saw the line my inclination was to take Denver, but in going over the game I will be heading the other way. This is the last regular season game for both teams and both teams already have a first round bye in their conference tournament all sewn up so what really is their to play for, especially for the home team. Denver has been a solid team at home this year as they have gone 13-2 overall and 9-5 ATS, but North Texas has been tough to blowout this year on the road as they are 9-1-1 ATS away from home, despite the 5-7 SU mark. The Mean Green Eagles have 6 losses in the Sunbelt this year, but not one of those losses were by more than 5 points and 4 of them were by 3 or less. North Texas may not have a lot to play for either, but I don't expect them to roll over and get blown out here either. They are behind the Pioneers in the standings and would like nothing more than to make a game out of this one. I do like the play, but after the bad day yesterday I didn't make it a top play. Oh and the final nail in the coffin for this pick is that the "Sharps" are on the other side (0-4 last 2 days in Betting First Look) and we know what I feel about them. LOL  

Iowa +6.5 over ILLINOIS:(Added) The illini have been in a must win situation for most of the of the second half of the year and they have failed to deliver. It has the feel of a team that has given up. Iowa has been a solid team this year with a few big upsets along the way. and I expect that them to at least keep this one close. 


Wisconsin +9.5 over OHIO STATE: The Badgers are a great road team as Bo Ryan prepares them well for their away games. Ohio State should get this game at the pace they want, but Wisconsin's offense has come around a bit lately and they should be able to score in this game.  Laying nearly DD is tough when your playing against a good defensive team and I feel in the end the Badgers will come up with a few stops late to keep this one close. 

Florida State +1 Over MIAMI: (Added) The canes are just not playing all that well right now as they have dropped 3 of their alst 4 games. The Noles need this one much more as they are looking for a good seeding in both the ACC and NCAA tourneys. the Noles are the better team and they should bounce back from their tough loss to Duke here. 


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Like the play Jeph, GET MONEY!!!!!


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BOL today jeff

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bol big come back today

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BOL Jeff. I did go the other way on this but 137 or 138 and we both hit it.

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Good Luck today Jeff

Jeff Scott Sports
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Fade away guys, But thanks very much and BOL to all of you as well.

"Negative people will always try and drag you down to their level. Love them, but always rise above them."

There may be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.

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BOL jeff.



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Good luck today Jeff...I totally agree on the Wiscy play like it A LOT!!!


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All over that ind/min under play.  Think this game might not get out of the 120s.  

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