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Fade the pregame pros free picks box and make $$$

Fade the pregame pros free picks box and make $$$
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uncle vito
if all I DO IS 50% do you think anyone will want a 10* play
that's on a good week your 50%

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I think if you're new to the site you kind of expect a lot out of the pros but then you realize how difficult it is to pick a game for anyone,, I always like JR's free picks because he'll give you what his line is and if it's wide enough from the actual line, it's usually a good bet

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THATS   FUNNEY VITO   your becoming the  NEW COURT  JESTER of  PRE- GAME  . i think you fit the role well  my friend  .

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Malinksy is terrible on his bold picks in write ups. I don't follow him as close as Cats but I know I am 1 and 6 with the guy..  He might be better at inside games that he talks about but his top plays are Atrocious.

I have no idea if he was good before this cause I really only started watching him in nfl this past season. Heck I don't even think he was any good there.

I do like his write ups but sadly he misses the beat way too much..  And nice doesn't count in sports betting, its either a win or a loss! lol   Too many losses and bad tastes form in ones mouth...

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If he's so bad then u should just fade all his top picks, so then you'd be up

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Why would you even want to?

I think you could safely fade the majority of any pro in this tournament and be up money. That is paid or free. Notice most will have current "streak".. or great first week? Or 2 in a row? All bullshit sales tactics. Goodfella is probably the best paid capper on here, your better off to follow some of the free guys on the forums and play your own games. I've not heard one example of how someone has been happy "long term" with any capper on here. Why pay someone to lose? Trust me when I say I've learned Lessons the hard way. A lot of Nice guys on here, and I believe they truly hope to win for you, but hope isn't a strategy. Show me results and save the BS.

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Why not follow the guys on Pregame that have a good winning % in that sport over a good number of plays ?

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how about you post, so we can fade you..

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lol Casey!

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I hope the cappers are reading this and add a few winners to kind of screw with the public so that you will win and then lose. You win and then lose babbbbbbbbbbbby.

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