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Grand Salami -- Friday April 26

Thread Starter Grand Salami -- Friday April 26
Andy Iskoe
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Hi Folks.  With the short 4 game schedule for Friday there's nothing I could find worth playing in the NHL.


My total goals projection for the 4 games is 20.66 and with the GS lined at 21 1/2 there is virtually no edge in playng the UNDER, especially with such a small card.


None of the 4 games shows, individually, even a slight Over/Under tendency so Friday is a total pass for me.


With a 13 game schedule set for Saturday to close out the regular season there may be some opportunities so check back late tonight or early Saturday.

J.RIch--Baby Bryon Doyle
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Was looking forward to your thoughts here. Good pass. To many total that are up in the air and could go either way.

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