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2 plays from Ducks, Stars

Thread Starter 2 plays from Ducks, Stars
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Only one game tonight, but it's setting the stage for a huge card on Saturday. This is my first ever hockey post at pregame; hopefully I can contribute a winner or two.

Hiller and Lehtonen are confirmed and when playing in Dallas, the first period has been the lowest scoring period between these two teams by a nice margin. Since 2007 the period averages are 1.0, 1.5 and 2.1 (23 games). Only three of those 23 games have seen more than 1 total goal scored in the first 20 minutes of play.

team=Ducks and A and o:team=Stars


Juice is a bit high for first period UN 1.5 (-125) but the numbers are pretty strong and this is Dallas’ first game back from a road trip that included stops in Colorado (altitude) and Edmonton (border crossing).


ANA is coming off a 3-0 road win at COL (1 day rest) and road teams in that spot are 5-10 O/U the past while with a 1.3 first period scoring average.

A and p:AWU and po:team=Avalanche and rest=1 and date>=20080216


DAL is tied for second overall with just four first period goals allowed in 11 games this season. ANA has given up the second most (12) in nine games but in this situation I’m going to take a shot on the first period UN with a plus-money prop.


ANA-DAL first period UN 1.5 (-123)

No scoring first 10 mins (+105)

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Looks good....

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SDQL for the NHL?!! I never knew. BOL on the play.

5 Year NHL Record

503-421-26 (+81.18)

108-87-5 L200 +12% ROI


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Good stuff thx for sharing

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 Good work in this post but I believe ANA is a different animal this year.  So farthis year in their 9 games

GAOL in first 10min.........8 of 9 games    YES

and an average of 2.4 goals have been scored in their 1st periods this year.....going over 1.5  5 of 9

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I didn't know either, dennistyler, until just this week. Going to play around with it and see if I can find some travel situations or 3-in-4's, etc, with good percentages. Going to try and keep things in perspective, though, since this is such a messed up schedule in `13.

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Sorry guys, no luck with my first two plays :(

Dallas just came out flying in the first and when they went on the PP it was too much for Ducks to handle. Will try again tomorrow.

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Jar Jar I've been messing around with SDQL, myself. You come up with anything juicy? I thought there might be some angles due to the compressed schedule but the books are all over it with the big numbers. There's no manual for coding NHL so it is hit miss - a  lot of it is similar to coding with the NFL but then again it's not exactly the same. I'm spending a couple of hours a day trying to get an angle. If I come up with anything, I'll post up. Good luck and happy pucks!

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