Take: DUCKS -165

Those of you who check in to see what I’m doing with the daily free plays are undoubtedly aware that I very rarely lay any big prices. I’m far more underdog or small chalk oriented. But I won’t just simply refuse to spot a good sized money line favorite piece if the numbers are overwhelming, and they are all of that here.

27-0, or 0-27 depending on your perspective. The Anaheim Ducks have defeated the Calgary Flames 27 straight times when these teams meet at Anaheim.

That amazing streak alone pretty much eliminated any consideration for the Flames in this series. I suppose one can argue that if they can simply steal a game at The Pond, maybe the burden of failure gets lifted and Calgary suddenly has a great chance to pull the series upset. I guess I can’t argue against that. But one might also suggest that they’re got to be mentally beaten quickly if the struggles at Anaheim are maintained.

I also factored current form into this decision. The Ducks are entering the playoffs on a big roll. Anaheim went 11-3 to finish the regular season, and garnered at least one point in each of the last 14 games.

This is a veteran Ducks team that is heading into the playoffs red hot. Add in the astounding dominance at home against the Flames and I actually think -165 is arguably a little less than it ought to be. I’m making a series play on Anaheim.


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Good luck guys.