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Multiple Account Posting - 3 more caught/eliminated

Thread Starter Multiple Account Posting - 3 more caught/eliminated
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Our enforcement of the restriction against posting from multiple accounts is aggressive and successful. 

GSJ2 was caught posting as FaderAid and banned for life.
Later, he was caught as BetBetBet (that account was also banned).

Now, two more caught from the same poster:
Dr. Venkman

Both accounts banned for life AND all their posts have been made invisible 

Another poster has tried to post under these accounts:

Ace Rojas
Soda Popinski
Piston Honda
ShadySide Tigers

Each and every one has been banned for life and made invisible. Try to dodge punishment, and all your effort will disappear with a single admin click.

Lastly, Lesh has been banned numerous times, and during one of those bans started posting under the account Makaveli. Because Lesh at one time was a solid contributor, and because he had one of the loudest voices against ghost posting, RJ asked the tech department to be 100% certain of this violation. It took quite a while, but we got word back today that there is no doubt. Ban dodging results in an automatic lifetime ban without exception.

What should be becoming clear is an effort to dodge a ban will not work. The community should feel good that people are so motivated to participate here -- hopefully, those who are motivated will direct that energy to simply following the rules.

[locked by: RJ_Bell at 7:31 AM (GMT -7) on Mon, Aug 18 2014]
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Lesh is a friend of mine. He asked me to post his response, so I told him I would copy and paste it for him...

"Hey RJ,

I would hope you could figure out it was me who created TEN GHOST ACCOUNTS over a TEN DAY PERIOD (starting a day or two after you banned me for bullshit).  I would hardly call that "dodging punishment".  And btw, who the fk are you to think you're going to "punish" me.  GTFO with that totalitarian baloney.  It's you who dodges, deflects, dives, and donks your way around "accusations".  

You're right, I was the loudest voice against ghost posting.  Look where it got me, lol.  BANNED!  And you think I was trying to "dodge punishment", lol.

If you reconsider bannning me for life (for this infraction), then I will stop my shenanigans and get back to providing kickass content that generates winners, traffic, and views."

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You must admit, the Piston Honda and Soda Popinski avatars were hilarious.

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Lesh is a funny guy.

Anyone know where Halo is? Great contributor.

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Thanks, good work. Halo ran some killer contests/tournaments.

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halo actually emailed me asking how i was doing the other day.

ban dodging always baffled me. if i was kicked out of somewhere, it would be like trying to sneak back in with a fake mustache. especially those who are given lifetime bans. we essentially are saying do not come back and they still want to hang out. the funny part are those who claim to despise Pregame so much, but spend every free hour trying to figure out how to sneak back in with fake names.

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Speaking of fake mustaches...

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Mattingly looks younger with a mustache.  Bring it back Donnie!!  

Although this was good fake too.........

Valentine explained this scenario recently at a local town discussion with him.  The mustache consisted of two patches of eye black and was all Robin Ventura's idea who was already in the clubhouse when Bobby was thrown out of the game.  Ventura gave him the hat and glasses apparently.  Cameraman would have never have caught him if every player in dugout was not hysterically laughing.  Still makes me giggle.  

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I wish someone would look into Pittsburgh Phil. He just joined 2 days ago and all I've seen from him is bashing Johnnymo and P6 while suggesting that I, of all people, was selling plays to Pregame users in some nefarious manner. -600 he's a ghost.

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